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Peter Zaitsev04/16/14
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Innodb redo log archiving

Percona Server 5.6.11-60.3 introduces a new “log archiving” feature. Percona XtraBackup 2.1.5 supports “apply archived logs.” What does it mean and how it can be used?

Fredric Paul04/16/14
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No Need to Support Experiments While You Sleep

Going straight from testing in a staging environment to a production environment is a bigger step than your feature might be ready for, especially if you’d rather not be getting paged in the middle of the night.

Michael Scharhag04/15/14
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The Grails Depedency Injection Inheritance Pitfall

This blog post is about a small pitfall you should be aware of when combining dependency injection in Grails with inheritance.

Chen Harel04/15/14
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New Parallelism APIs in Java 8: Behind The Glitz and Glamour

One of the key new features introduced in Java 8 is parallel array operations. This includes things like the ability to sort, filter and group items using Lambda expressions that automatically leverage multi-core architectures. How fast is this thing, and when should I use it?

Geoffrey De Smet04/15/14
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Is the Search Space of an Optimization Really a Big Problem?

Given an planning or optimization problem, how big is the search space? Can we hope to enumerate every possible solution, looking for the optimal solution? Let’s calculate the search space of a few use cases.

Erich Styger04/15/14
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Processor Expert V10.4 with New Component Inspector

There have been a lot of new Freescale releases recently around FTF. For the author, as a Processor Expert lover, it is good news that the new version 10.4 is now available. And it comes in four different ways: standalone, plugin for Eclipse, integrated into CodeWarrior, integrated into Kinetis Design Studio.

Abhishek Kumar04/14/14
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Creating Object Pool in Java

In this post, we will take a look at how we can create an object pool in Java.

Sarah Ervin04/14/14
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Measuring Your DevOps Success

DevOps is not a process or a tool – but there are a number of processes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) that affect both traditional development and operations staff. All of these components can be optimized, and all of them can then be improved upon further using appropriate software tooling.

Sarah Ervin04/13/14
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The Best of the Week (Apr. 04): Performance Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Performance Zone (Apr. 04 to Apr. 10). This week's best include the dark side of, misconceptions about, and how to avoid using the default methods of Java 8 - and an introduction to Arduino.

Moshe Kaplan04/11/14
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Looking for PostgreSQL Performance Issues

As traffic goes up, even your PostgreSQL may become a bottleneck. In this cases it is important to analyze the traffic and understand the usage pattern.

Peter Pilgrim04/11/14
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Cake Pattern, Self Types and Realistic Example

What is the benefit of this so-called Cake Pattern? Well in short, Scala allows self-type with multiple traits (the dependencies).

Mark Needham04/11/14
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Clojure: Not So Lazy Sequences a.k.a Chunking Behaviour

The reason this was annoying is because the author wanted to shortcut the lazy sequence using take-while. As the author understands it, when we have a lazy sequence the granularity of that laziness is 32 items at a time, a.k.a one chunk.

Trevor Parsons04/11/14
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Tracking Events Through Complex Stacks – Part 1

The complexity of companies’ software solutions are increasing, with developers having less and less insight into all the corners of an application. You need to be able to track and catch errors anywhere in your stack.

Peter Zaitsev04/10/14
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ScaleArc: Benchmarking with sysbench

The benchmarks were carried out with the trunk version of sysbench. For this reason, we used a very small set of data, so the measurements will be fast, and it’s known that caching has huge benefits when the queries themselves are rather expensive.

Sarah Ervin04/10/14
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Agile Performance Testing – Proactively Managing Performance

Performance testing within an Agile organization challenges us as engineers to adapt to a high velocity of change. Applying best practices gives us the opportunity to work as part of the development team to proactively identify and diagnose performance defects as code changes are introduced.

Trevor Parsons04/09/14
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Dogfooding Our Own Solution: Cobblers, Pet Food & Jidoka

So if you log to your own solution and an outage occurs, then how do you view your own logs? And, if you log to your own log management system, there is also a risk you can cause an endless loop where the act of logging causes the platform itself to generate a new log.

Michael Scharhag04/09/14
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Closure Composition in Groovy

This is a short blog post about a feature of Groovy closures I discovered a few days ago: Closure Composition.

Daniel Bryant04/09/14
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JavaLand 2014: “NightHacking with Mani and Daniel on Adopt OpenJDK”

The main focus of the video discussion is how to get involved in hacking on the OpenJDK, the Reference Implementation of the Java JDK/SDK.

Lukas Eder04/08/14
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The Dark Side of Java 8

So far, we’ve been showing the thrilling parts of this new major release. But there are also caveats. Lots of them.

Achala Chathura...04/08/14
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Analysing Garbage Collector logs with IBM Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool

If there are any errors related with Java heap exhaustion or fragmentation in the verbose GC trace, PMAT can diagnose the root cause of failures. PMAT provides rich chart features that graphically display Java heap usage.

Lieven Doclo04/08/14
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Johnny Five: a nice introduction to Arduino

Learning Arduino is not simple, especially if you’re not C-minded. It took me a while to see the potential, but if you think about it and join a Raspberry Pi running Node.js with an Arduino with Firmata, there’s not a lot you can’t do.

Peter Verhas04/07/14
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How Not to Use Java 8 Default Methods

Warning: you can not make this unseen once you have read

Bozhidar Bozhanov04/04/14
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Common Misconceptions About Java

I’ll try to explain my favorite 5 misconceptions about Java.

Zemian Deng04/04/14
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How to process stream and read text file in Java 8

I have converted one of my old utility class using latest Java8. I use this often to print content of manifest file to check any mysterious jar file for version etc.

Abhijeet Sutar04/03/14
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How to Schedule a Task to Run in an Interval

There is often a need in applications to run some particular task in background to accomplish some work in an interval.