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Nikita Salnikov...10/30/14
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Adaptive Heap Sizing

While enhancing our test bed to improve the Plumbr GC problem detector, I ended up writing a small test case I thought might be interesting for the wider audience.

Alex Curylo10/29/14
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Resource Management: xcres

We tend to keep our resource references pretty much in order by reflex when writing them actually, but looks like this might make that more streamlined. And looks like it would be downright invaluable the next time we’re handed some mess to make sense of written by someone who regarded the concept of ‘maintainability’ with fear and loathing apparently…

Juri Strumpflohner10/29/14
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Static code analysis for free

Fortunately JavaScript has a huge community behind which releases new tooling on a daily basis. Plato gives you static JavaScript analysis and reporting for free. It is as simple as installing it from npm

Paul Hammant10/28/14
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Checking in binaries

When Maven came out some twelve years ago, the Java community became comfortable with not checking in third-party binaries. In the Ant era, before that, you did. Maybe we were being kind to source control systems, but we opened a new can of worms.

Troy Hunt10/26/14
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Measure, optimise then measure again: further refining "Have I been pwned?"

As I’ve written in the past, I put an awful lot of effort into making Have I been pwned? (HIBP) fast. Not just a bit fast, blisteringly fast and that includes when it’s under a huge amount of load. But there was something bugging me with the site when it came to performance and it was this:

Benjamin Ball10/26/14
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The Best of the Week (Oct 17): Performance Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Performance Zone (October 17 - October 24). This week's topics include Java performance, string concatenation in logging, scalability in distributed databases, garbage collection performance, and Python optimization.

Nikita Salnikov...10/23/14
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Revealing the Length of Garbage Collection Pauses

There are several ways to improve your product. One such way is to carefully track what your users are experiencing and improve based on that.

Steven Lott10/20/14
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Scipy.optimization.anneal Problems

I'm not even certain that I could help them with some of the Python technology required to extend scipy. But, I'm sure I cannot actually do anything of value under the circumstances that (a) they have not really tried the established algorithms and (b) they're already sure that the established algorithms can't work based on religious-wars arguments.

Gen Furukawa10/20/14
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The Key to Distributed Database Performance: Scalability

TL;DR: The realities of modern corporate networks make the move to distributed database architectures inevitable. How do you leverage the stability and security of traditional relational database designs while making the transition to distributed environments? One key consideration is to ensure your cloud databases are scalable enough to deliver the technology's cost and performance benefits.

Alan Hohn10/20/14
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Measuring String Concatenation in Logging

I had an interesting conversation today about the cost of using string concatenation in log statements.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz10/20/14
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Java Performance: The Definitive Guide

Java Performance: The Definitive Guide is the best Java book I read this year.

Dustin Marx10/16/14
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NetBeans 8.0's Five New Performance Hints

NetBeans 8.0 introduces several new Java hints.

Chen Harel10/16/14
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AppDynamics VS New Relic – Which Tool is Right For You? The Complete Guide

When thinking about performance, AppDynamics and New Relic are the main modern tools that come to mind. Both spawned from the same company, Wily Technology, who also dealt with performance monitoring and was acquired by CA back in 2006 - making way to new technology.

Peter Lawrey10/15/14
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Kafka Benchmark on Chronicle Queue

I was recently asked to compare the performance of Kafka with Chronicle Queue. No two products are exactly alike, and performing a fair comparison is not easy. We can try to run similar tests and see what results we get.

Rick Delgado10/15/14
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The Future of Flash Storage

Flash storage is slowly becoming more affordable and infiltrating the mainstream enterprise.

Pubudu Dissanayake10/13/14
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How to draw a Control flow graph & Cyclometric complexity for a given procedure

Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric used to measure the complexity of a program. This metric measures independent paths through the program's source code.

Arthur Charpentier10/11/14
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Cross Validation for Kernel Density Estimation

In a post published in July, I mentioned the so-called Goldilocks principle, in the context of kernel density estimation, and bandwidth selection. The bandwidth should not be too small (the variance would be too large) and it should not be too large (the bias would be too large).

Pierre-yves Saumont10/09/14
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Do it in Java 8: The State Monad

Handling state is a common programming problem. This article shows how the state monad implemented in Java 8 may help solving this kind of problem. It first describes how it may be applied to memoizing a recursive function. Then, it shows how the state monad may simplify the implementation of a state machine.

Alec Noller10/08/14
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Dev of the Week: Vladimir Šor

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Vladimir Šor, co-founder and CTO of Plumbr.

Nikita Salnikov...10/08/14
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How Do You Detect and Solve Performance Issues?

This post is asking you to help us in building a better product. What we are after is your current experience in Java performance tuning

Ayende Rahien10/07/14
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Optimizing event processing

There is a migration process that deals with event sourcing system. So we have 10,000,000 commits with 5 – 50 events per commit. Each event result in a property update to an entity.

Prateek Jain10/06/14
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JVM Thread Pooling Trends

In this article we will explore some of the well-established options available for thread pooling/sharing in the JVM. Also, with the availability of multicore processors new issues have crept up.

Jayanga Dissanayake10/05/14
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Simple SecurePasswordVault in Java

There are some instances when you want to store your passwords in files to be used by programs or scripts. But storing your passwords in plain text is not a good idea. Use the SecurePasswordVault to encrypt your passwords before storing and get it decrypted when you want to use it.

Yegor Bugayenko10/03/14
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jcabi-http Fluent Java HTTP Client

Even though there is plenty of HTTP clients in Java world, I created a new one, which is fluent, immutable, extendable and simple

Konstantin Triger10/03/14
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Fluent interfaces are finally ready for prime time in Java

One of the basic needs in fluent interface is connecting to user types. What field, method or operation does this fluent interface try to refer? JaQue project provides an elegant solution.