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Ben Forta03/30/13
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Check Out Drawscript

The very talented Tom Krcha has created Drawscript, an Illustrator extension that generates graphics code from vector shapes in real-time.

Sadayuki Furuhashi03/30/13
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Olark: the only tool we’ve tried with 5000% ROI

One fateful evening in July 2012, in our small, one-room office in Los Altos, our CTO Kaz made what turned out to be the best marketing/sales/product development decision thus far.

Konrad Garus03/29/13
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Two Ways to Access Properties in ClojureScript

There are two pairs of complementary functions to set properties on objects in ClojureScript. One is aset and aget, another is set! and .-propname. Are they equivalent? Is syntax the only difference?

Swizec Teller03/29/13
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A tale about always-on DRM and web security

Two days ago I was at a friend’s place and wanted to show her what Diablo 3 looks like. But nope. All I did was try to login from a different IP. I’m at a friend’s place damn it, this is a laptop, what if I wanted to play in a coffee shop or on a plane or a pterodactyl?

Mikko Ohtamaa03/29/13
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Building chat applications and robots for Skype

In this blog post, I’ll want to open to you the window of opportunity to realize some potential here in (Skype) chats.

Lorna Mitchell03/29/13
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Video Course on Learnable: OOP PHP

I'm delighted to announce that my new video course on Object-Oriented PHP is now available on Learnable!

Niels Matthijs03/28/13
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Relative CSS Positioning: Parent vs. Self

Even though css has been getting a lot of love the past few years (with plenty of animation options, overall visual effects and more granular targeting controls added to the spec), positioning elements remains a big weak spot of css.

Alexander Beletsky03/28/13
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Baby steps to Backbone.js: Exploring collections

After initial introduction to Backbone's views and models, we're going to look on the next Backbone.js fundamental entity - Collection. Collections represents the ordered set of models and become very handy for any type of applications.

Greg Duncan03/28/13
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LifeHacker step by step guide to get going with your own hosted Tiny Tiny RSS

While Tiny Tiny RSS uses a bunch of tech that I'm not comfortable with (and that might be a good thing?), I dig the idea of it.

Paul Underwood03/28/13
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How To Style A Checkbox With CSS

Why not make your site look different by styling your checkboxes? You could even make them look nothing like checkboxes. In this tutorial we are going to create 5 different checkboxes which you can use on your website.

Jakub Holý03/27/13
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Tools for Editor – Browser Integration for Interactive JS/HTML Development

I’d like to be able to use a powerful editor yet be able to see changes to JS/HTML/CSS without having to save-[compile]-reload and I want to be able to execute pieces of JS in the context of the browser. Fortunately, there are ways to get at least some of this and it is getting continually better. Let’s see what tools we have now.

Brian Rinaldi03/27/13
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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of March 18, 2013

There were so many tutorials and releases this week, that I could barely keep up (plus, PAX East delayed me a bit, honestly, which didn't help).

Maximiliano Firtman03/27/13
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BlackBerry 10: the first class HTML5 mobile platform

The new BlackBerry Z10 is on sale around the world with a whole new operating system and browser. In this post I’ll go through the important information for web and app developers about one of the most powerful HTML5 platforms available today.

Tim Murphy03/27/13
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Beginning PHP On Windows 8

It is always interesting to find out what technology I will have to work with next. One of the latest that I’ve had to learn is PHP and since I am running Windows 8 I had to get it working in that environment.

Andrey Prikaznov03/26/13
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17 Fresh And Stunning CSS3 Tutorials

Though you find many articles online that help you to learn CSS, the below mentioned 17 fresh CSS tutorials will help you more to grasp the basic of CSS.

Mark Needham03/26/13
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When Nokogiri fails: Web Driver to the rescue

I initially tried to use Nokogiri to grab the data that I wanted. But when I tried to query by CSS selector for all the matches nothing came back. I was a bit surprised but read somewhere that I should check if there were any errors while parsing the document. In fact there were quite a few!

Jakub Holý03/26/13
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Markdown + JavaScript = Great HTML Presentation Decks

You can easily create beatiful, interactive, simple presentations by writing them in Markdown (falling back to HTML whenever needed) with special markers separating the individual slides and using JavaScript to render it into an interactive HTML presentation.

Gil Fink03/26/13
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Building Scalable JavaScript Apps – A New SDP13 Session

SELA Developer Practice (SDP) is Sela Group’s annual conference. The next scheduled conference will occur between May 5-9, 2013.

Raymond Camden03/25/13
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New online material for Chrome DevTools

I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to Chrome DevTools ("Your page is broken? What did DevTools tell you?"), but I wanted to share a new resource that just launched - Discover DevTools.

Raymond Camden03/25/13
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JavaScript Design Patterns - The Module Pattern

Before I begin, I want to be clear. I'm writing this as a means to help me cement my understanding. I am not an expert. I'm learning. I expect to make mistakes, and I expect my readers to call me out on it. If in the end we all learn something together, then I think this process is worth while!

Andrew Trice03/25/13
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PhoneGap Legends – A Sample Game App

…and now I’d like to introduce you to PhoneGap Legends. PhoneGap Legends is a fantasy/RPG themed demo that leverages HTML DOM animation techniques and targets webkit browsers

Rob Allen03/24/13
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Objects in the model layer

I currently use a very simple set of core objects within my model layer: entities, mappers and service objects.

Adam Grocholski03/24/13
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Windows 8 for HTML and JavaScript Developers

Earlier today I presented a session at Mobile March on Windows 8 for HTML and JavaScript developers. Rather than give you my slides, I thought I’d give you links to resources on the various features I discussed.

Kin Lane03/23/13
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Embeddable OpenSpending Visualizations

There are some really great examples of embeddable, open data goodness over at the OpenSpending project, which is operated by the Open Knowledge Foundation, a non-profit with a missions to promote open knowledge and data.

Henri Bergius03/23/13
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Why WordPress needs to get Decoupled

Decoupled Content Management is a movement to bring clean separation of concerns into CMSs. With it, Content Management Systems can focus better on their core functionalities, and get the missing pieces through code-sharing and collaboration.