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Karl Agius02/27/13
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Templating in Javascript

In most (all?) web applications, you’re going to have to display some formatted data at some point. Most javascript frameworks provide some sort of templating engine, either built-in or as a plugin.

Eric Gregory02/27/13
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Dev of the Week: Lorna Mitchell

This week we're talking to Lorna Mitchell, PHP developer, blogger, and active member of and PHP North West.

Geertjan Wielenga02/26/13
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Video: Free CSS Templates & How to Edit Them

Within minutes, your HTML/CSS/JavaScript applications can be opened into NetBeans and you can begin working on them, using a range of handy tools!

Dmitry Sheiko02/26/13
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Review on JavaScript Unit Testing

As client-side application is getting more and more complex, front-end automated testing is more in demand. Before deployment we have to validate HTML according to given DTD, lint CSS and JavaScript, run performance tests, run unit-tests and do functional testing

Paul Underwood02/26/13
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Create Your Own WordPress Login Page

In WordPress you can create your own users and user roles, you can even do this programmatically which means that you can create a register form so that visitors to your site can register to your site and login to a member's only area.

Jalpesh Vadgama02/26/13
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HTML editor enhancement in visual studio 2012

In visual studio 2012 you can highlight the start and end tag of a particular HTML element. One you click on starting tag of HTML element it will have other part highlighted just like following.

Andrzej Krzywda02/25/13
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Non-framework approach to JavaScript apps - hexagonal.js

I have a love/hate relationship with frameworks. That's why I struggled for months, what to do with the ideas that we're now calling hexagonal.js. Let me tell you a story on how it all started and why we didn't want it to be a framework.

Hirvesh Munogee02/25/13
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Nanoko - A Professional JavaScript Framework For Modular Applications

Nanoko is a JavaScript framework which allows you to write highly modular web applications. With Nanoko, every piece of functionality or GUI is packaged as a module.

Raymond Camden02/25/13
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Presentation: Browser Tools for Debugging

I'm proud of this presentation so I hope it is helpful. As always, criticism is welcome. You can download the demos and slide deck here...

Eric Genesky02/25/13
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Dart Refcard Author: Chris Buckett

This week's Refcard is on the upstart web scripting language out of Google, Dart. Today we have an interview to share with the card's author, Chris Buckett. Chris is probably one of the biggest champions in the community for Dart.

Hirvesh Munogee02/24/13
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Resemble.js - A JavaScript Library For Image Analysis & Comparison

Resemble. js is a JavaScript library which allows you to perform image analysis and comparison in the browser, using JavaScript and the HTML canvas.

Ted Neward02/24/13
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Java Was Not the First

And he's flat-out right about this: HTML 5, as an application development technology, takes you about 60 - 80% of the way home, depending on what you want your application to do. In fact, about the only part of Charlie's blog post that I disagree with is the part where he blames Gosling and Java:

Hirvesh Munogee02/23/13
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ZEON.js - A Bookmarklet To Find Errors in JavaScript Code Displayed Within Textareas

ZEON.js is a bookmarklet which when applied to a page finds all textareas which contains JavaScript code and applies error checking to them.

Hirvesh Munogee02/23/13
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Instano.js - A Library For Instant noscript Message On JavaScript Disable

Instano.js is a JavaScript library which allows you to detect whether JavaScript has been turned off after the page has been loaded.

Hirvesh Munogee02/22/13
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typeahead.js - A Fast & Fully-Featured Autocomplete jQuery Plugin By Twitter

typeahead. js is a fast and fully featured autocomplete JavaScript library by Twitter. typeahead.js can display to users as they type, show top suggestions, allows suggestion to be drawn from multiple datasets.

David Catuhe02/22/13
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Hand.js: a polyfill for supporting pointer events on every browser

How about being able to write a single code base for handling mouse, pen, touch in your web site that will work across all modern browsers? Here is a polyfill that will help you use Pointer Events and offer users a great experience on your site independently of the modern browser they are using.

Hirvesh Munogee02/22/13
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PeerJS — A JavaScript Library For True Peer-To-Peer Data In The Browser

PeerJS is a JavaScript library which acts as a wrapper for WebRTC and allows you to create peer connections very easily. With PeerJS you can create such a connection in just 3 lines of code.

John Cook02/22/13
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Can regular expressions parse HTML or not?

Can regular expressions parse HTML? There are several answers to that question, both theoretical and practical.

Paul Underwood02/21/13
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Test Driven Development With PHP

In a previous post I wrote about the benefits of using Test Driven Development in your application development process. This can be used in all types of development from software to web to front-end to back-end languages. In this post I will go through the steps of using Test Driven Development in PHP.

Hirvesh Munogee02/21/13
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Markdown.css - A CSS Stylesheet To Make HTML Look Like Plain-Text Markdown

Markdown. css is a CSS stylesheet which allows you to display your normally rendered HTML text in Markdown syntax.

Hirvesh Munogee02/21/13
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Emblem.js - A New Templating Language That Compiles To Handlebars.js

Emblem.js is a new templating language which compiles down to the popular Handlebars.js templating engine.

Tinu Awopetu02/21/13
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Released: NetBeans IDE 7.3 with New HTML5 Support!

NetBeans IDE 7.3 empowers developers to create and debug rich Web and mobile applications using the latest HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 standards. Additional highlights available in 7.3 include continued enhancements to the IDE's support for Java, Groovy, PHP, JavaFX, and C/C++.

Eric Gregory02/20/13
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Dev of the Week: Raymond Camden

Every week, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community here and in our newsletter, catching up to find out what they're working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Raymond Camden, Adobe developer evangelist and blogger.

Niels Matthijs02/20/13
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A Custom-Styled Input Toggle

I don't mind a good challenge once in a while, but there is one thing I will usually refuse on the spot: custom-styled input fields. There is one notable exception though.

jb j02/20/13
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Enhance Your WordPress Comments Section

In today’s article, I’m showing you lots of WordPress snippets, hacks and tips to enhance your blog comments section.