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Raymond Camden02/06/14
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More Examples of the Marvel API

A few days ago, the greatest API in the entire internet was released - the Marvel API. While maybe greatest is a strong word, it is still a fantastic and interesting API. This article covers a few good examples of how the API works, and how it looks in action.

Bruno Terkaly02/06/14
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How to Use Node.js Packages with Visual Studio

This article's main purpose to explain how to install a node package using the Visual Studio tooling. With just a right mouse click you can bring in some of the packages through the IDE. Let’s do this with the most ubiquitous packages of all of them - Express.

Bozhidar Bozhanov02/05/14
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Digital Signatures with JavaScript

This article shares the author's experience with signing digital credentials in JavaScript and verifying the signature on the server side with Java. The author goes on to elaborate on the benefits of integrated electronic identification at the browser level.

Brian Pugh02/05/14
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Atomic CSS as a Tool Set

The growing complexity of websites and web applications has yielded several new approaches to structuring and maintaining style sheets. Of the many new options, a prime stand-out is Atomic CSS. This article shares some of the ways it can help you find a balance.

Nicolas Frankel02/04/14
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AngularJS meets Marvel Comics

Marvel has just released a REST developers API. This article is an attempt at providing a front-end application around it, and answering some questions with answers in no particular order. Most of the functions primarily involved AngularJS.

Krishna Prasad02/04/14
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Building Web-based Single Page Application Using NetBeans, Knockout, jQuery Part 1

This video tutorial teach how to build a single page web app using Knockout and jQuery from NetBeans.

Paul Hammant02/03/14
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It's Time for Email Apps to Support JavaScript

Email applications should allow HTML emails with JavaScript in them. It's 2014 for pete's sake! While there is a long list of historical reasons why browsers have locked-down DOM, why in 2014 do email applications totally forbid JavaScript?

Benjamin Ball02/02/14
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The Best of the Week (Jan. 24): HTML5 Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the HTML5 Zone (Jan. 17 to Jan. 23). This week's articles discuss a range of topics including modular JavaScript creation with the CommonJS compiler, a list of useful jQuery code snippets, a warning about ColdFusion10's ORM logging features, a guide to getting up to date on Node.js, and a discussion of custom optimizations for AngularJS.

Alexander Beletsky01/31/14
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How to Keep Node.js Processes Running

Node.js is very special. It’s single process/threaded environment. In case of unhanded exception occurred Node.js virtual machine simply stops, leaving application in unresponsive state. To mitigate the issue few known solutions exist, common idea is that there is watchdog that keeping eye

Paul Underwood01/31/14
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How to Create 8 CSS Loading Spinners

We all know that CSS3 brings a lot of features which allows you to do a lot of cool stuff that we used to need Javascript for. One of the features that we're going to look at today is creating loading spinners with just CSS and show the variety of spinners we...

Ryan Bateman01/31/14
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How does Google Fiber (Gigabit Internet) affect User Behavior?

If you never had to wait for anything, then you wouldn't notice fast. So if instant becomes the norm via Gigabit Internet, how will our Internet usage behaviors change?

Raymond Camden01/30/14
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AngularJS Doesn't Suck!

About three years ago I blogged about AngularJS and how I thought it was kind of cool. This was before the 1.0 release. When 1.0 came out... it had changed. I didn't like it. It was hard to describe why I didn't like it. It had definitely gotten more complex and I just had a hard time wrapping my head around it.

Dustin Marx01/30/14
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Book Review: Mastering HTML5 Forms

This is a review of Packt Publishing's "Mastering HTML5 Forms." The subtitle of Mastering HTML5 Forms is "Create dynamic and responsive web forms with this in-depth, hands-on guide." Mastering HTML5 Forms is written by Gaurav Gupta, has five chapters, and is a bit over 125 pages long.

Daniele Renda01/29/14
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Real World JavaFX with GraniteDS : the ACI Ticketing and Booking System

This article details the reasons our development team decided to use JavaFX and GraniteDS. We detail why their function best suits our applications, then describe how these platforms interact with other elements of the application.

Mauro Carniel01/29/14
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An Open Source Web Application Platform for the Enterprise

4WS.Platform is an open source product that can be used to graphically create web applications, starting from a web designer through which it is possible to define both the business logic and the GUI. The target of this platform is the creation of enterprise applications having a small-to-middle complexity level.

Benjamin Ball01/27/14
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Methods for Optimizing AngularJS

Developers at Scalyr talk about ways to optimize AngularJS framework for use in their log monitoring tool. By using four custom directions, developers were able to decrease "Next Page" log response time from 1.2 seconds to 25 milliseconds.

Bruno Terkaly01/27/14
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Getting Started With Node.js and Visual Studio

This is first in a series of post dedicated to helping you get up to speed with Node.js. This post will not make any attempts to explain why node is interesting or why you should learn it.

Raymond Camden01/27/14
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Warning about ColdFusion 10 and ORM Logging

A difference between ORM-logging in ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion 10 results in a bloated console log that is far larger than it needs to be. You can take these steps and read about how to change to a rolling file appender.

Dmitry Sheiko01/24/14
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Modular JavaScript in the Browser with CommonJS Compiler

With the advance of HTML5, formerly static web-pages are turning into sophisticated web-applications. Now we expect JavaScript code to be scalable and modular. But how when JavaScript has no built-in facilities to combine distinct scripts?

jb j01/24/14
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10+ Handy and Reusable jQuery Code Snippets

Over the years, jQuery became a must-use for every web developer. In this article I have put together a series of 10+ handy jQuery code snippets you may save and copy to use at your own discretion. These snippets are super easy to adapt to match your own script.

Abhijeet Sutar01/23/14
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Creating Node.js Web App With Express

This article shows the creation of Node.js app using Express web framework on Debian based system, including the creation of application using express CLI.

Krishna Prasad01/17/14
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Java to JavaScript Journey

Being a Java guy, I started off spending time understanding what are good web frameworks for someone with strong Java background.

Saul Zukauskas01/14/14
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Great OAuth tutorials for HTML5 applications

While I was doing research on the best OAuth practices for HTML5 applications I came across several great online posts and tutorials which I want to share with HTMLCenter readers.

Niels Matthijs01/13/14
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Design Theory vs Reality – A Plea

this article will be a plea to my designer colleagues to get their act together. In my opinion, 2013 has not been a very good year, design-wise.

Antonin Januska01/11/14
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Top things to look forward to in web development in 2014

Just a few things I’ve noticed that I am looking forward to. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them!