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Tobias Sjösten05/02/14
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Extending Symfony2

This book is definitely not for newcomers to Symfony2, which it also says in its introduction and online description. Knowing that and reading it as an experienced Symfony developer, I'm sure you'll pick up a new trick or two — I know I did!

Matt Farina05/01/14
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Modern PHP, Popularity, and Facebook

I'm not suggesting everyone jump on PHP. Or that Facebook doesn't deserve some credit. Or even that there isn't a lot of poorly written PHP. I'm simply suggesting the PHP isn't a hack that's is or should die off

Gabor Farkas05/01/14
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The Ease of Angular with GWT

The ease that popular javascript frameworks have is quite compelling if you're working with GWT MVP. We bring automatically propagating, declarative data binding to GWT.

Natalia Pankova05/01/14
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Node.js Technology and How to Use It

Nowadays Node.js is a quickly developing technology and has already became very popular. Let's have a look what this technology can be used for, its advantages and disadvantages and why we need it.

Raymond Camden04/30/14
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ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion Builder 3 Released

Adobe has released the latest versions of ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder. If you stopped using ColdFusion Builder in the past - you should really give it another look.

David Catuhe04/29/14
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Why we decided to move from plain JavaScript to TypeScript for Babylon.js

One year ago when we decided to sacrifice all of our spare time to create Babylon.js we had a really interesting discussion about using TypeScript as main development language.

Ariya Hidayat04/28/14
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JavaScript Unit Tests and Code Coverage Tracking using Venus.js

These days, having enough unit tests for a JavaScript-based web application/library is the bare minimum. Ideally, the code coverage of those tests is also monitored in a day-to-day development situation. Fortunately, this is easy to do with a modern test runner such as Venus.js.

Andrey Prikaznov04/25/14
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Interactive 3D watch using three.js

The goal of today’s lesson is the continuation of studying webgl using the three.js library.

Raymond Camden04/22/14
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Article: HTML out of the Browser

Very happy to announce the first publication of an article of mine on the Mozilla Hacks blog. This article is a bit of a departure for me.

Paul Underwood04/22/14
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Sticky Posts In WordPress

As of WordPress version 2.7 you've been able to assign some posts to be sticky, a sticky post will make sure that this post appears at the top of the list of posts.

Ravi Kiran04/18/14
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$parsers and $formatters in Custom Validation Directives in Angular JS

While writing applications using Angular JS, sometimes we need to define our own validators. Custom validations in Angular JS are created as directives with a dependency on the ng-model directive. At times, key part of the validation depends on controller of the ng-model directive.

Reza Rahman04/16/14
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JSF + AngularJS = AngularFaces?

Powered by several factors, JavaScript/rich client frameworks like AngularJS appear to be presenting a serious challenge to the server-side stalwarts of JSF, Spring MVC and the like. What will happen in the long run is anybody's guess.

Chris Odell04/16/14
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The Hidden Value Of Custom Taxonomies

In this post I am going to talk mainly about custom taxonomies. I am also going to use the following scenario.

Ariya Hidayat04/14/14
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Supersonic JavaScript

The topic is on changing the way we think about optimizing JavaScript code.

Bill Jones04/13/14
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Review: Extending Bootstrap

This book has helped the author break away from a cookie cutter design and made him more comfortable with LESS and GRUNT.

Subhash Chandran04/12/14
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StaGen: Static Site Generator in Java 8

StaGen is a static site generator written in Java 8 that supports Markdown for content, StringTemplate for template rendering, and JSON for storing configuration. This is a quick tutorial on the tool.

Nikola Poša04/12/14
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Subdomain Linking in a Zend Framework 2 Web Application

Recently, at work, the author had a requirement for serving part of the ZF2-powered website from a different, non-www sub-domain. The problem was that such a requirement meant the he needed to make all the other routes absolute.

Ariya Hidayat04/11/14
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Tracking JavaScript Annotations

One of the interesting features of Esprima is to retrieve every comment inside a JavaScript source. Even better, each comment can be linked to the related syntax node. This is very helpful since any additional information regarding the program can be provided via the comment serving as a form of annotation.

Hirvesh Munogee04/11/14
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Layers CSS: A Lightweight, Unobtrusive, Style-Agnostic CSS Framework

The framework comes with inbuilt CSS normalization, a fluid grid, layout tools, by default maintains native form styles, has no px definitions, no colors, no borders and no rounded definitions, and no dependencies at all.

Greg Duncan04/10/14
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Heartbleed in Eight Minutes

But what is Heartbleed? How does it work? Why is it something that you should care about? This Khan Academy-style video tries to break it all down.

Hirvesh Munogee04/08/14
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AbsurdJS: A JavaScript Library With Superpowers

AbsurdJS is a JavaScript library available for Node.js and the browser. It is meant to be used as an HTML and CSS preprocessor and includes a lot of mixins, a plugin architecture, dependency injection, templating and more.

Juri Strumpflohner04/07/14
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Integrating Node.js with a C# DLL

An option that came to mind is to design the DLL as a self-contained process and to invoke it using Node.js's process api. Turns out this is quite simple. Just prepare your C# application to read it's invocation arguments s.t.

Dmitry Sheiko04/07/14
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Enabling Templates in Client-Side JavaScript with CJSC

In spite of most server-side languages, JavaScript was not designed for templates. Yet we have plenty of template engines for client-side JavaScript now. They allow us processing templates, but what about declaring a template?

Hirvesh Munogee04/07/14
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Math.js – An Extensive Math Library For JavaScript & Node.js

Math.js is an extensive Math library for JavaScript and Node.js which comes with an in-built expression parser which can perform computations on numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, and matrices.

Sarah Ervin04/06/14
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The Best of the Week (Mar. 28): HTML5 Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the HTML5 Zone (Mar. 28 to Apr. 03). This week's topics include a sneaky way to deploy Drupal to heroku, a tutorial on snazzy Python decorators, and the first installment of "The Ultimate Web-Frameworks Rundown."