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Jesse Warden12/05/12
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Video: Basics of RequireJS

RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader. It is optimized for in-browser use, but it can be used in other JavaScript environments, like Rhino and Node. I’ve posted a new video: The Basics of Require JS.

Clark Sell12/04/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #24: Light Sensor

Today, we are taking a look another one of the sensors we might find in a Windows 8 device: the Light Sensor.

Swizec Teller12/04/12
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Alertify.js: Pretty Cool

Alertify.js is a javascript library that brings alert() and prompt() into the web world of 2012. No longer will you be forced to use some arcane instruction full of ugly windows and so terribly un-new it sends chills down your spine just thinking about using it.

Konrad Garus12/04/12
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Using Angular.js with ClojureScript

You can actually use Angular with Closure – just need to use explicit dependency injection. So far Angular seemed to require the least work with CLJS, so I was happy to give it another shot.

Christian Grobmeier12/04/12
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Angular.js: ng-select and ng-options

Angular.js has a powerful directive waiting for you: it’s ng-select. With it you can fill an HTML-select box from your model. It does support a pretty cool selector syntax, which is – unfortunately – a little bit tricky.

Clark Sell12/03/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #23: The Compass

Today, we’re going to talk about the compass. While we’ve talked about one sensor in the past (Orientation Sensor), this is the first article of many to come focused just on the supported sensors.

Hirvesh Munogee12/03/12
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CHAP Links Library - A JavaScript Visualization Library For Displaying Graphs, Networks, And Timelines

CHAP Links Library is a web based visualization library for displaying graphs, networks, and timelines. The tools are developed as Google Visualization Charts for JavaScript and GWT.

Anoop Madhusudanan12/03/12
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Building Mobile Applications for Enterprise: The HTML5 vs. Hybrid vs. Native Dilemma

Most of the recent conversations I've had about building enterprise mobile applications start with questions like "Should I go Hybrid or Native?" The question should be, "What will give the best user experience to the end user?"

Clark Sell12/02/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #22: Play To

It’s day Day 22. We’ve crawled all around Windows 8 but today we get to talk about a feature that seems to lack any press; Play To.

Clark Sell12/01/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #21: Camera Capture

Today, it’s all about devices, ok well really just one device; the camera.

Niels Matthijs11/30/12
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CSS-centric Development and Anti-Patterns

For years I've been complaining that, as an industry, we don't spend enough of our time working on best practices. The front-end mentality is one that puts quick fixes and ease of implementation above a solid underlying structure

Anoop Madhusudanan11/29/12
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Changing Times For Web Developers – 6 Tips You Should Read To Survive

Here we go with 6 Tips to be a responsible web developer, and to stay on top of what you do.

Hirvesh Munogee11/29/12
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X-Editable - An In-Place Editing JavaScript Library For Bootstrap, jQuery UI Or jQuery

X-editable is a JavaScript library which allows you to create editable elements on your page. It can be used with any engine (Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or jQuery only) and includes both popup and inline modes.

Allen Coin11/28/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #20: Printing

Today, it’s all about creating paper. Yes folks, the joys of printing. I know for some this might feel very 1999 but as it turns out, people are still using paper.

David Catuhe11/28/12
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How to Create a Cool Parallax Background for Windows 8 in Javascript

Parallax background is a really simple but extremely cool feature you can add to your application.

G. Andrew Duthie11/27/12
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Creating Your Windows 8 Store Logo

There are two ways that you can ensure that you have a custom store logo with appropriate branding for your app.

Kristof Degrave11/27/12
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Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

I am putting together this post so that anyone who wants to take the 70-480 test in order to program in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 can get a head start.

Hirvesh Munogee11/27/12
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Pomelo - A Fast, Scalable, Distributed Game Server Framework For Node.js

Pomelo is a fast, scalable, distributed game server framework for Node.js. It provides the basic development framework and a lot of related components, including libraries and tools.

Clark Sell11/26/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #19 File Picker

Today, we are going to look at another invaluable tool in Windows 8 development, the File Picker. There are millions of ways to use the File Picker, but when you boil it down, you’re going to need to get files from the user’s computer for something.

Kristof Degrave11/26/12
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IndexedDBViewer: Take a Look Inside your IndexedDB

Some days ago I released a new version of the IndexedDBViewer 1.1.0. The IndexedDBViewer is intended for web developers who want to sneak into their indexedDB database.

Hirvesh Munogee11/26/12
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UltraREPL - A JavaScript Development Environment Within JavaScript

UltraREPL is a JavaScript development environment, not just a toy or a simple debugger. Developing JS code inside of JavaScript itself enables a lot of powerful options that are otherwise difficult or cumbersome.

Clark Sell11/25/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #18 File Associations

Today, we are going to look at a couple of cool features in Windows 8: File Associations and App Contracts.

Clark Sell11/24/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #17 The Clipboard

Today, we’re going to focus on the Windows 8 clipboard exclusively. More specifically, we’re going to look at how we can save and retrieve data from this system-wide and heavily used mechanism.

Clark Sell11/23/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #16: Context Menus

Today, our focus is on context menus aka PopupMenu. These are those small little popup commands that appear from time to time in your application when you right click on something.

Clark Sell11/22/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #15: The On-Screen Keyboard

Today we are going to take a look at the on-screen keyboard in Windows 8.