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Allen Coin12/19/12
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Video: JavaScript APIs You've Never Heard Of (And Some You Have)

The number of JavaScript APIs has exploded over the years, with a small subset of those APIs getting all the attention. While developers feverishly work on Web sockets and canvas, it's easy to overlook some smaller and quite useful APIs.

Gil Fink12/19/12
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CSS3 Transitions

CSS3 transitions help to change CSS properties over a specified duration with a timing function. Using it in applications can help to reduce the amount of scripts that you write in order to create simple animations. Let the browser do all the animation calculations for you.

Lorna Mitchell12/19/12
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Unpacking and Editing a Chrome Extension

I've been having an issue with one of my chrome extensions recently. The extension doesn't seem to be actively maintained, so I realised I was going to have to dive into the extension itself to understand the problems and have any chance of fixing it.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/18/12
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Considerations when mobilizing a legacy website

This tutorial is based on an consulting job to mobilize a centralized user authentication system. To be exact, the system is Shibboleth federation login used by various public sector institutions.

Niels Matthijs12/18/12
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Media Queries Based on Elements: We're Doing it Wrong

It would be truly great if we could devise our css in such a way that depending on the width of its own size, a component would react in a certain way. It's the only sane way to keep incorporating liquid/adaptive designs for the current load of devices on the market.

Jos Dirksen12/18/12
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HTML5: Server-sent events with Angular.js, Node.js and Express.js

Basically what we're going to do in this article is create a minimal Angular.js application that shows system stats and build a node.js and Express.js backend that pushes these stats to connected browsers.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/18/12
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Setting mobile browser meta viewport tag

Setting a “normalized” viewport is the first thing you do when are mobilizing a website.

Paul Underwood12/17/12
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Understanding The Viewport Meta Tag

When working on a new web design one of things you need to think about is responsive design. Is the website you are about to make going to need a responsive design?

Ryan Sukale12/17/12
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Handling Page Unload Using JavaScript

Recently for one of my projects, I was working on trying to implement some functionality wherein if the user tried to leave web page by any other means other than submitting a form, (s)he would be prompted for confirmation.

Hirvesh Munogee12/17/12
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Elm - A Functional Reactive Programming Language Meant To Replace HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Elm is a functional reactive programming language meant to replace HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Elm is optimized for creating web GUIs, supporting complex user input, and avoiding callbacks.

Greg Duncan12/17/12
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Hello Hilo - Hilo (JavaScript) sample for Windows Store released from Microsoft Patterns and Practices

Get your Win8/WinRT/WinJS/HTML/CSS/JS photo coding on! Use this to build your perfect holiday photo app? Learn Windows 8 Store app Dev? HTML/JavaScript? Async dev? Yep, all that and more...

Mikko Ohtamaa12/16/12
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Mobilizing websites with responsive design and HTML5

This is a blog post series tutorial for adapting your existing websites for mobile devices without building a separate mobile site. It shows, with examples, how with little changes in your HTML, CSS and Javascript code you can deliver much nicer user experience for small screen and mobile devices.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/16/12
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Working on HTML(5) for mobile sites

There is no separate “mobile HTML”. Mobile sites are normal HTML sites. Separate WAP protocol has been dead several years now. “XHTML mobile profile” is also dead.

Allen Coin12/15/12
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Douglas Crockford: Monads and Gonads

Douglas Crockford discusses one of the most elusive of all programming concepts: the monads. He attempts to break the long-standing Monad tutorial curse by explaining the concept and applications of monads in a way that is actually understandable to the audience.

Paul Underwood12/15/12
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Create Google Maps With gmaps.js

GMaps is a javascript plugin that makes it really easy to use Google Maps to display a map to your user. There are multiple options that make it easy to add pointers to the map, directions, information boxes and lots more.

jb j12/14/12
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Awesome Web Tools to Simplify Front-End Development

As a developer, I really like tools that can help me save time, or just make the whole development process easier. In this article, I have compiled my favorite web tools to simplify front-end web development.

Christopher Bennage12/13/12
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Building a Game With JavaScript

Okay, so we should use a master loop. If our runtime is the browser, how do setup this loop?

Jeremy Foster12/13/12
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Windows Store Apps: Uninentionally Open Source?

The technical answer is YES. You can access the source code for Windows Store apps written in HTML/JavaScript. But there are a few reasons that you should forego panic.

Clark Sell12/12/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #31: Design

Today is the last day of this series, and we’re going to focus on designing Windows 8 applications today.

Christopher Bennage12/12/12
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A N00b's Look at HTML5 Game Development

I’ve actually made numerous arrested attempts to write a game, but my last attempt has been more fruitful. I’ve learned a lot in my most recent endeavor, so it’s time to share.

Jos Dirksen12/12/12
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Drag and Drop with AngularJS using jQuery UI

What I want to show in this article is how to create a directive that allows you to create simple drag and drop lists with AngularJS and jQueryUI.

Clark Sell12/11/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #30: Store

Wow, here we are finally talking about the Store. Today we’re going to share with you some of our steps and experience in not only helping others get their apps into the store, but also submitting our own.

Paul Underwood12/11/12
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CSS3 Image Filters

In this tutorial we are going to look at a great new features called CSS filters. This is a new feature that can be used on both HTML elements and images, but I think it's best used on images and can create nice effects on image galleries.

Catalin Red12/11/12
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CSS Diagonal Borders Still Not Rendering Properly on Firefox

Recently I was working on a small web project and while creating the so-well-known triangle effect using CSS borders I noticed some rendering inconsistencies on Firefox I thought were fixed by now.

Geertjan Wielenga12/10/12
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Backbone.js Meets RESTful Web Services

From NetBeans IDE 7.3 onwards, a Backbone.js file can be generated from a RESTful web service. The Backbone.js file contains complete CRUD functionality and your HTML5 application can immediately be deployed to make use of those features. Coupled with the...