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John Walter11/25/14
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ElectroPi - Open Source Home Automation

I found this video earlier and wanted to share it. Connor Nishijima, creator of the ElectroPi, shows off his open source RaspberryPi-based home automation board and software he's written.

Maarten Ectors11/24/14
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Internet of Things Challenges and Opportunities

IoT is one of the biggest potential new revenue streams but also one of the most challenging technical problems we have today.

Maarten Ectors11/23/14
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IoT and Personal Health

I just saw Eric Dishman’s TED session on “Health care should be a team sport“. I love the idea of providing people with chronicle illness the means to be diagnosed and treated remotely and use big data to learn of a large group of patients with similar issues.

John Walter11/23/14
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The Best of the Week (Nov 14): IoT Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the IoT Zone (November 7 - November 14). This week includes a look at the WatchKit SDK, the effect of IoT on our lives, and the role of logging in the IoT.

Linda Gimmeson11/22/14
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Big Data, The Cloud and Wearable Technology

Using big data, the cloud and wearable technology efficiently will be key to success for small businesses and enterprise level organizations. Discovering the full potential of big data, the cloud and wearable technology will come over time.

Steven Willmott11/21/14
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Pimp My Fridge - My Week Hacking in Louisville, KY

I’ve recently gotten interested in hacking hardware, which lead me on a journey to FirstBuild where I got to work on hacking together the Beerminder!

John Walter11/20/14
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WatchKit SDK Launches

With the WatchKit SDK launching, here's a preview of all of the features for developing on the Apple Watch.

John Walter11/19/14
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The Best of DZone: Nov. 11 - Nov. 18

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include five common AngularJS mistakes, iOS localization tricks, news on Raspberry Pi, and a look at Fulltext Indexing with Neo4j.

Sameer Bhatia11/18/14
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How the Internet of Things Will Change How You Live

Social media, mobile connectivity, Candy Crush—these things are old news. There is a bigger, badder technological revolution occurring: the Internet of Things, aka the IoT, in which everything from appliances to cows to us is online.

John Walter11/18/14
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Can IoT Save Our Lives?

With all of the developments in health-based wearable tech, many companies are taking these initiatives a few steps further and applying this technology towards fighting disease.

Erich Styger11/17/14
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Debugging Failure: Check List and Hints

I think the biggest frustration point for any new or even seasoned engineer is the debugging phase. So I've compiled a list of debugging steps.

Ravi Namboori11/16/14
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Internet Of Things (IOT) - How It Can Change The Way We Live

Internet of things, though anticipated way back in 1999, is making a lot of top IT companies jump onto its bandwagon only recently. Explained in this write-up are the fundamentals and certain developments of this new application which is expected to change beyond recognition the way we operate our daily devices by next decade.

John Walter11/15/14
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The Best of the Week (Nov 7): IoT Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the IoT Zone (November 7 - November 14). This week includes news on Raspberry Pi, a plea to consider wearables at work, and our call to tell us what you're working on!

Trevor Parsons11/14/14
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The Role of Logging in the Internet of Things

IoT is expected to enable the advanced connectivity of devices and systems, which would involve machine-to-machine communications (M2M). But currently, there isn't a standard logging procedure. This needs to change. Fast.

Sony Arouje11/13/14
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Hydroponics System Controlled by Raspberry Pi: An Overview

The last couple of weeks I was spending my free time to understand and building a Hydroponic system to grow vegetables in my Apartment’s Balcony. I just don’t want to build a normal system that controlled by a timer, instead I want to build a system that I should be able to monitor even I am not at home, change watering schedule using my mobile device.

John Walter11/12/14
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The Best of DZone: Nov. 4 - Nov. 11

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include a look at AngularJS' dominance, a SQL/NoSQL debate, a tutorial on learning R, and a joke!

Jennifer Wright11/12/14
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Consider Wearables at Work

Wearable technology has slowly begun to take hold in the lives of many consumers. However, due to factors such as high costs and limited options, wearables are a tough sell for many—and it doesn’t help that the technology behind them is still in its early stages.

Allen Coin11/11/14
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Raspberry Pi Gets Smaller and Cheaper

IoT tinkerers rejoice! Yesterday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the launch of the new Model A+. The A+ is smaller, more efficient, and costs less.

Erich Styger11/10/14
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Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructions: Updating the Freescale Freedom Board Firmware

I have received a bunch of Freescale FRDM boards to be used in an Embedded Systems programming crash course. This post is a step-by-step instruction how to update Freescale FRDM boards (e.g. FRDM-KL25Z) to the latest firmware.

Alec Noller11/08/14
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Halloween Zone: DZone Gets Spooky

We at DZone don't spend all of our time putting together Research Guides, and publishing Refcardz, and writing articles on a wide variety of tech topics - sometimes we're just having Halloween parties. That's what went on this past Friday at DZone HQ, at least. It had all the good stuff.

Alec Noller11/08/14
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Leave us a Comment: What Are You Working On?

Developers have a tendency to work a lot. Maybe your job is a grueling nine-to-five torture, or maybe it's a dream come true. Either way, there's a good chance that you go home and keep working on something of your own. Well, we want to hear about it! Leave a comment and let us know what you're working on.

Cormac Reynolds 11/08/14
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5 Cool Gadgets to Come from Kickstarter

Over the last period of time we’ve seen some awesome tech innovations thanks to these crowdbacked projects and many have come to fruition and are now sold across the web.

Avinash Babu11/08/14
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Controlling Appliances Using Java and IoT

The proliferation of internet-connected devices, from cars to heart monitors that interact without human intervention, is creating new possibilities in data gathering, predictive analytics and IT automation. Smart Home, Smart Refrigerator, Connected cars, etc., are some of the IoT gadgets that have come up and created hype in the market.

Erich Styger11/07/14
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USB CDC with the FRDM-K64F, finally!

Sometimes I think that a problem should be solvable in a few minutes, and then it turns out that it lingers around for months. Very, very frustrating! Such a thing is getting the USB 4.1.1 stack running on the FRDM-K64F board. I have that board since April 2014, and it took me 7 months to get the FSL USB stack running on it.

Lauren Clapper11/07/14
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It’s Pi Season: Two New Features for Raspberry Fans

It's a good time to be a Pi lover with the new Pi-Top and Mozilla's Fx OS.