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Jennifer Wright07/31/14
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Making Room for Data: Connected Homes and the Hybrid Age

The field of predictive analytics continues to grow, and we are growing with it, entering the Hybrid Age of technology. “Hybrid” implies that humans and computers will be working together more closely than ever, and it is impossible to ignore the impact that these advances will have on our futures.

Alec Noller07/30/14
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Dev of the Week: Sean Lorenz

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Sean Lorenz, Technical Product Guy for the Xively IoT platform from LogMeIn.

Erich Styger07/30/14
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Zumo Robot with WiFi and GPS

Removing the need for the Freescale FRDM board on the robot as in the previous design now makes it possible to stack normal Arduino boards on the robot. The pictures show the robot using the Adafruit GPS Shield and the Adafruit WiFi shield, making the robot really easily extensible with off-the-shelf shields.

Topher Marie07/29/14
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Lighter than Lightweight – An LDAP Solution

LDAP has proved its usefulness time and again in IT organizations all over the world and thoroughly cemented its status as a go-to directory solution. However, as the IT landscape has evolved, LDAP’s framework is becoming more and more dated.

Alec Noller07/28/14
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Introducing DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things

DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things was produced to help you understand the growing variety of technologies, tools, and companies behind IoT, along with the challenges it faces and the vast potential it holds.

Erich Styger07/28/14
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Adding the Wi-Pi WiFi Dongle to the RIoT Android Board

The wired Ethernet connectivity works out of the box with the Freescale RIoT board. But to make it more ‘IoT’ capable, a WiFi connection would be a big plus. The element14 site did not tell which WiFi dongles are supported, and a thread in the element14 forum on that topic has not really provided much information.

Koen Serneels07/25/14
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Getting Started with Home Automation (Part I)

But first, lets start with a good old rant. Why is the world of home automation so badly organized? Let me come again; why? If you enter this world, set aside all open source principles. Do not hope that you are going to find centralized/useful documentation on how to do things.

Sony Arouje07/23/14
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Pi Tracker–Code Running in Raspberry Pi

Pi Tracker uses two motors to drive, controls these two motors. As you can see in the code creates two Motor instance. It also has functions to steer the tracker in different directions.

Erich Styger07/22/14
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Terminal Connection to the RIoT Board

The RIoT board comes with a 3-pin header (Tx, Rx and GND) which gives a console/UART connection to the board. Any kind of UART-to-Serial (USB CDC or RS-232) can be used, and using the UART8000-U cable is a convenient solution.

Daniel Bartl07/21/14
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Processing and Analyzing Sensor Data – A DIY Approach (Part II)

Regarding data analysis, we handled the two types of data quite differently. To understand the stream data we applied concepts from time series analysis, while we approached the event data with Markov Chain models. We used R for both approaches.

Benjamin Ball07/20/14
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The Best of the Week (July 11): Internet of Things Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (July 11 to July 17). This week's topics includes Raspberry Pi's new Model B, Red Hat JBoss A-MQ, Google I/O, Ericsson and smart city grids, and NetBeans 8 remote platforms.

Jens Deters07/17/14
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NetBeans 8 — Shortcut to Remote Platforms (Part 3): Remote Platform Debugging

This article and video is part of a series of quick intros to the NetBeans 8 Remote Platform feature. This clip shows how to remotely deploy, execute and debug an JavaFX application on a Raspberry Pi with NetBeans 8.

Jens Deters07/16/14
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NetBeans 8 — Shortcut to Remote Platforms (Part 2): JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

Intro to the NetBeans 8 Remote Platform feature: How an JavaFX app is deployed on a Raspberry Pi and remotely executed from NetBeans. This article and video are part of a series about NetBeans 8 remote platforms.

Whitney Baker07/15/14
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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (July 15)

This week's topics include Raspberry Pi B+, Amazon Cognito, Google Glass's creator, hardware as the new software, the internet of coffee things, more raspberry pi, excuses for lazy coders, source code in tv and film, abandoned digital cities and big data's role in the world cup.

Erich Styger07/15/14
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First Adafruit NeoPixel Blinks with the FRDM Board

LEDs are getting smarter these days. An amazing example are the WS2812(B) or ‘NeoPixels’ from Adafruit: RGB LEDs with a built-in constant current controller and shift register! With a single wire data wire hundreds of RGB LEDs can be controlled.

Kenneth Peeples07/15/14
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Red Hat JBoss A-MQ and the IoT

See this simple example of how to leverage Red Hat JBoss A-MQ in the Internet of Things (IoT) through the use of Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) in Android.

Allen Coin07/14/14
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Raspberry Pi Releases New Model

Today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new model, called the B+.

Erich Styger07/14/14
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Multi-Drive Support with FatFS

I admit: I’m sometimes a lazy person. In my projects, I only needed one ‘disk drive’ with the FatFS Processor Expert component: either a SD card or a USB MSD drive.

Benjamin Ball07/13/14
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The Best of the Week (July 4): Internet of Things Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (July 4 to July 10). This week's topics include the Best of DZone, an introduction to Reactive Programming, Android Wear user experience, multiple IP addresses in multi-home environments, and the connected car war.

Kon Soulianidis07/12/14
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Geekapalooza: My recent visit to Google I/O

Last week I had to pry myself away from my day-to-day life as a software developer and fly over the Pacific to attend Google I/O. Okay maybe I didn’t have to pry myself away – rather, it was more like me excitedly not sleeping for 2 days, giddy as a school kid, prior to leaving.

Adi Gaskell07/11/14
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Ericsson Aims to Get Your City Networked

One of the more interesting trends of recent times has been the growth in so called smarter cities. It’s been a topic I’ve covered a few times on the blog, as there have been a number of projects that have sought insights from the crowd as to what a smart city should be like.

Adi Gaskell07/10/14
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uMotif Bringing the Quantified Self to the NHS

The app marketplaces are awash with tools to allow us to quantify various health related aspects of our lives. Whether it’s monitoring our sleep, tracking our fitness regimes or keeping tabs on our diet, there have never been more apps available to help us do so.

Erich Styger07/10/14
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Step-by-Step: Updating OSBDM/OSJTAG Debug Firmware

While new Freescale boards come with the OpenSDA debug firmware, I still students using boards with the OSBDM/OSJTAG.

Greg Duncan07/10/14
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Sign up for the "Windows Developer Program for IoT"

"Build a smart coffee mug, build a talking bear, build a robot, or build something else entirely." So I guess we'll see...

Alec Noller07/09/14
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The Best of DZone: July 1 - 8

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include dynamic CSS classes with SASS, deploying a RabbitMQ cluster on Google Compute Engine, why you should stop unit testing database code, what makes a good programmer, and more.