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Nilanchala Panigrahy09/30/14
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Android Third Party Libraries and SDK's

Below are some of the popular android third party libraries. Over past few years, the age of mobile development become an fiercely-competitive world of serious money making business.

Lorna Mitchell09/30/14
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Install CharlesProxy CA Certificate on Android

I use Charles Proxy extensively for debugging all kinds of applications, and lately I've been using it more with mobile devices. One of the killer features of Charles is its ability to intercept SSL traffic. This is hard - and rightly so, it should be difficult to inspect SSL traffic!

Doug Winfield09/29/14
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Why the Scroll Event Change in iOS 8 is a Big Deal

If you’ve read any of the “What’s new in iOS 8 guides”, you may have noticed a change to how scroll events work. Although many may consider this a minor change, any developer that has tried to implement scrolling logic on the mobile web knows that this is actually fairly important.

Simon Gladman09/29/14
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Swift Filter Chaining Demo Application

Off the back of my last Swift experiment, an image tone curve editor, I thought I'd go one step further and create an iPad app that allows users to build a chain of image filters.

Raymond Camden09/26/14
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IndexedDB on iOS 8 - Broken Bad

So, as you know, iOS 8 finally brought IndexedDB to Mobile Safari. I may be biased, but I find features like this far more useful than CSS updates.

Pieter De Rycke09/26/14
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Jace Now Available for Xamarin.Android

Most of you probably already heard of Xamarin. Their products allow to develop in C# for IOS and Android.

Simon Gladman09/25/14
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Animating Inserts and Deletes on UICollectionView with Swift

In another addition of FlexMonkey's ongoing Swift guides, users can continue to work with the Filter Chaining application and animate inserts and deletes.

Rick Delgado09/25/14
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Is it Finally Safe to Shop From Your Smartphone? 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

Before you know it, the holidays will be here, and with them the busy shopping season. While millions will no doubt crowd shopping malls and retail outlets, lots of people will also be heading online for their holiday purchases, many doing so via mobile devices.

Tom Gullen09/24/14
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HTML5 Game Performance on iOS 8

iOS 8 has now been released, and represents a radical improvement in the performance of HTML5 games in both Safari and the web view for native apps.

Raymond Camden09/24/14
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Simple Photo Filters with VintageJS and Cordova

A quick demo today of something I ran into via StackOverflow. VintageJS is a JavaScript library that adds simple camera filters, like sepia and vignettes, to pictures. As long as your browser supports canvas, you can make use of the library rather easily.

John Walter09/23/14
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Android Studio 0.8.11 and Android Gradle 0.13 Released

With last week's release of Android Studio 0.8.11, here's a quick rundown on all of the updates

Ariya Hidayat09/23/14
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Chicago, jQuery, and Web Revolution

With the jQuery Conference last week in Chicago, I wanted to recap a bit of what we discussed and reflect on the revolution of the web.

Simon Gladman09/22/14
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Two Handy Swift Extensions: Hermite Splines and Image Resizing

As part of my Swift Image Tone Curve Editor, I wanted to draw a smooth spline passing through a number of points, but it takes a little work to set the control points to make a nice continuous curve.

Maximiliano Firtman09/19/14
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iOS 8 and iPhone 6 for Web Developers and Designers

iOS 8 is finally here while the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will appear in a few days. New APIs appears on scene, as well as new challenges to support the new screen sizes. I’ve been playing with the final version and here you have my findings.

Raymond Camden09/19/14
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Datalist Support in Mobile Chrome

iOS 8 is out and has great features for web developers and designers. But it doesn't really have support for datalist controls. Android 4.4.3 does.

Paul Hammant09/18/14
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UI Development Has Never Been More Expensive

UI application development that presents and changes data in a data store, is at least an order more expensive than it was 20 years ago. It really shouldn’t be given all that “progress” embodies.

Max Katz09/18/14
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Sample Mobile App With Weather Underground API and Geolocation

We know developers love examples, we’ve just added one more example to platform.

Simon Gladman09/17/14
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Swift Tone Curve Editor

A tone curve changes the luminosity of an image for a given tonal range. For example, increasing the value the leftmost point on the curve makes shadows brighter and, conversely, decreasing the value of the rightmost point makes highlights darker.

Raymond Camden09/16/14
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What is the Optimal Environment for Trying Ionic?

Raymond Camden was posed a question about the optimal development environment within an Ionic framework. Here is his response.

John Walter09/15/14
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Android One: Bringing Mobility to the Majority

Google released the Android One - an affordable, available smart phone - to India today. Here's an overview of their announcement.

Alex Curylo09/13/14
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Tip: Xcode 6 Bundle Signing

If you've been experiencing bundle signing issues in the GM of Xcode 6, this may be the solution you've been looking for.

Dror Helper09/12/14
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Syntax Error When Using Explicitly Defaulted/Deleted Functions in Windows Phone 8 Project

A few days ago a colleague of mine asked me to help with strange errors his C++ project kept throwing at him. Upon further investigation, we discovered a unique issue caused by new C++11 functionality.

Simon Gladman09/11/14
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Populating a UIPickerView in Swift

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to add a picker control (which Flex developers will know as a SpinnerList) to my dial based colour picker.

John Walter09/10/14
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Recap: Apple Introduces Apple Watch, WatchKit

With Apple's announcements today, I wanted to highlight a couple of the new products and go into a little detail on what they mean for the developer community.

John Walter09/09/14
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Getting Ready for Apple's Event

In preparation for the Apple event, here are a couple resources for you to be ready for another historic release.