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Ricci Gian Maria03/26/13
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TF Service: Deploy on Azure with Database Project

The ability to automatically deploy a site on Azure Web Site from TFService is really interesting, but sadly enough there is no out-of-the-box solution to . . .

Ayende Rahien03/26/13
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Reviewing LevelDB, Part IV: On std::string, buffers and memory management in C++

This is a bit of a side track. One of the things that is quite clear to me when I am reading the leveldb code is that I was never really any good at C++.

Max De Marzi03/26/13
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Permission Resolution with Neo4j – Part 3

Let’s add a couple of performance tests to the mix. We learned about Gatling in a previous blog post, we’re going to use it here again.

Ben Wen03/26/13
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MongoLab at

We’re excited to partner with Overdriver, a unique Platform-as-a-Service for gaming that is showcasing their beta service for the first time at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC)!

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis03/25/13
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Book Review: "Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone"

Mike Wilson's O'Reilly book from December 2012 introduces some hip web development techniques by building a book-long example of a social networking app. Besides introducing MongoDB, Backbone, and Node, he shows the beauty and remarkable concision of...

Ayende Rahien03/25/13
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RavenDB 2.0.3 Stable Release!

We have just released the next stable build 2330 of RavenDB 2.0. You can find it here. This release contains a lot of bug fixes, improvements, streamlining and some interesting new stuff.

Mark Needham03/25/13
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Thoughts on Software Development neo4j/cypher: CypherTypeException: Failed merging Number with Relationship

The latest thing that I added to my football graph was the matches that are shown on TV as I have the belief that players who score on televised games get more attention . . .

Max De Marzi03/25/13
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Permission Resolution with Neo4j - Part 2

Let’s try tackling something a little bigger. In Part 1 we created a small graph to test our permission resolution graph algorithm and it worked like a charm on our dozen or so nodes and edges.

Eric Genesky03/24/13
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Using Riak at Yammer

This is an overview of the Riak-backed notifications service built by Yammer, presented by Coda Hale and Ryan Kennedy.

Ayende Rahien03/24/13
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Reviewing LevelDB, Part III: WriteBatch Isn't What You Think it is

One of the key external components of leveldb is the idea of WriteBatch. It allows you to batch multiple operations into a single atomic write.

Mark Needham03/23/13
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Trouble Wiring Up an Amazon S3 Bucket to a CNAME Entry

Jason and I were setting up an internal static website using an S3 bucket a couple of days ago and wanted to point a more friendly domain name at it.

Don Pinto03/23/13
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Secondary Indexes or Full-Text Search?

Applications get data from Couchbase Server in different ways - they can use basic key-value operations, secondary indexes (views) or full-text search.

Jagannathan Asokan03/22/13
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Ubuntu: Installing JDK and MongoDB

I've started using Ubuntu recently and still getting used to the new shortcuts and others. Since the installation was also done by me, I encountered few issues.

Eric Genesky03/22/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2013/3/22)

Get a look at how Spotify uses Python, and learn about Google's new Evernote-esque note-taking app called Keeper. Also, Michael Bay directs a developer recruiting video.

Ayende Rahien03/22/13
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Reviewing LevelDB, Part II

I think that the very first thing that we want to do is to actually discover how exactly is leveldb saving the information to disk. In order to do that, we are going to trace the calls . . .

Mark Needham03/22/13
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Neo4j/Cypher: WITH, COLLECT, and EXTRACT

As I mentioned in my last post I’m trying to get the hang of the WITH statement in neo4j’s cypher query language and I found another application when trying to work out which opponents teams played . . .

Ayende Rahien03/21/13
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Reviewing LevelDB, Part I: What is This All About

That is the project’s own definition. Basically, it is a way for users to store data in an efficient manner. It isn’t a SQL database.

Mark Needham03/21/13
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Neo4j/Cypher: Getting the Hang of the WITH Statement

I wrote a post a few weeks ago showing an example of a cypher query which made use of the WITH statement but I still don’t completely understand how it works so I thought I’d write some more queries.

Mikio Braun03/21/13
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CAP Theory Misconceptions

If you’ve ever listened to a NoSQL talk, you’ve probably come across the CAP theorem. The argument usually goes like this . . .

Andreas Kollegger03/21/13
0 replies 3.0 Launch

A new year, a new look - after gathering a lot of feedback for the launch of after GraphConnect last year we decided to invest more time and effort to make the site . . .

Eric Genesky03/20/13
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Solr 4: The NoSQL Database

Yonik Seeley, creator of Solr and co-founder of Lucidworks, gave this 45-minute presentation on Solr 4 back in February.

Moshe Kaplan03/20/13
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MongoDB and PHP: My Famous 5-Minute Tutorial

Did you ever wanted to integrate MongoDB monitoring with a third party service? Did you wanted to integrate MongoDB performance counters with your load stress environment?

Alex Soto03/20/13
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Testing Spring Data Neo4j Applications with NoSQLUnit

Spring Data Neo4j is the project within Spring Data project which provides an extension to the Spring programming model for writing applications that uses Neo4j as graph database.

Mark Needham03/20/13
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Neo4j/Cypher: SQL Style GROUP BY WITH LIMIT Query

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post where I described how we could construct a SQL GROUP BY style query in cypher and last week I wanted to write a similar query . . .

Giorgio Sironi03/19/13
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MongoDB 2.4 is Out!

Today MongoDB has seen a new big release, 2.4. Between the features that have been added we can see hash-based sharding, capped arrays, and a brand new Text Search feature.