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Don Pinto05/29/14
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Monitoring a Couchbase Cluster

To monitor Couchbase efficiently we need two different perspectives. The cluster as a whole is made up of individual nodes or servers. Each node provides our compute capacity for any application that leverages the database distributed across the cluster.

Peter Lawrey05/28/14
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SharedHashMap vs Redis

Any vendor will tell you how great their product is, so I will start by outlining why you wouldn't use SharedHashMap, before I tell you why it is a "must have" for performant applications.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis05/28/14
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Motor 0.2.1 Released

Version 0.2.1 of Motor, the asynchronous MongoDB driver for Python and Tornado, has been released. It fixes two bugs!

Alec Noller05/27/14
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Real-Word Use Cases: The Strengths of Graph Databases

If there's one thing the NoSQL community can definitely agree on, it's that relational databases are not the one and only solution to modern data storage issues. Not that they're never the answer; just not always the answer. The key, then, is understanding which tool is needed for any given job.

Adam Fowler05/27/14
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A Visual Index of MarkLogic Browser Widgets…

The author has created a visual index of MarkLogic browser widgets. Clicking on each image takes you to a detail page. This includes full size versions of all screenshots available currently for each widget.

Markus Winand05/26/14
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What's Left of NoSQL?

Back in 2013 The Register reported that Google sets its bets on SQL again. It's not that surprising - using SQL to access data from NoSQL systems isn't a new trend. However, it raises a question: What remains of NoSQL if we add SQL again?

Don Pinto05/26/14
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Couchbase Java SDK 2.0.0 Developer Preview 1

This new major version, planned to be 2.0, is a complete rewrite of the old 1.x series (currently 1.4.*). Leaving no stone unturned, it is built on top of RxJava for reactive and streaming-based programming and uses Netty as a consolidated IO layer for the best performance possible.

Alec Noller05/25/14
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The Best of the Week (May 16): NoSQL Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the NoSQL Zone. This week's best include the limitations of choice in NoSQL, a tool to help MongoDB devs monitor and optimize memory use in collections, the release of Mongoose 3.8.9, and more.

Dustin Marx05/23/14
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Hello, Cassandra: Steps to Get Started

A colleague of the author's recently told him about several benefits of Cassandra, so he decided to try it out. In this article, the author provides a summary of steps for getting started with Cassandra.

Alec Noller05/23/14
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MongoDB Tips & Tricks: Handling $type and Arrays

According to Thomas Zahn, Co-Founder and CEO of 3T Software Labs, coming to MongoDB from a relational database background is a relief. However, that's not to say that MongoDB is completely free of cryptic design choices that may leave developers puzzled.

Ayende Rahien05/23/14
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RavenDB Conf Videos: New Features in RavenDB 3.0

In this video from the RavenDB Conference, RavenDB creator and Hibernating Rhinos founder Oren Eini discusses the new features of RavenDB 3.0.

Andreas Kollegger05/22/14
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Graphs & The Internet of (Connected) Things

Neo4j makes it easy to model connectedness like device usage and management, as well as location, in the same context as data that makes today's applications rich. To demonstrate, we asked GraphAlchemist to build an IoT demo to illustrate the use of graphs with wearables and other connected devices.

Don Pinto05/22/14
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Announcing Newer Version of Couchbase Plug-in for Elasticsearch

We’re happy to announce the update to our Couchbase Plug-in for ElasticSearch. Plug-in is now updated to work with latest release of Couchbase Server 2.5.1 and Elasticsearch 1.0.1.

Moshe Kaplan05/21/14
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6 Easy Steps to Configure MongoDB Replication Set

In this tutorial we'll create a 3-node cluster, where the first serves as a primary node, the second as a failover node, and the third as an Arbiter.

Don Pinto05/21/14
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Expiry Callbacks for Couchbase Server

Couchbase includes a TTL (Time To Live) as part of the meta data fields for each document. What if the high performance and flexibility of Couchbase Server were leveraged to provide callbacks for document expiration? Introducing "expiry-notifier" from Couchbase Labs.

Ayende Rahien05/21/14
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RavenDB Conf Videos: Scalability and High Availability with RavenDB

In this video, Dan Bishop is talking about high scalability RavenDB, and he is one of the guys behind RavenHQ, so he should know.

Valeri Karpov05/20/14
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What’s New in Mongoose 3.8.9

Recently, Mongoose 3.8.9 was (finally) released. This was primarily a maintenance release, the major priority was to clean up several test failures against the new stable version of the MongoDB server, 2.6.x, without any backward-breaking API changes.

Alec Noller05/20/14
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Poll Results: What Databases do Hacker News Readers Use?

Recently, Hacker News user roryhughes ran a poll asking what database Hacker News readers (or their companies) use. While the sample size may not be the largest, and "Hacker News readers" is probably not a perfect cross-section of the development world, it's an interesting look at what people are actually using.

Ayende Rahien05/20/14
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RavenDB Conf Videos: Extending RavenDB with Bundles, Plugins, and Listeners

In this video from the RavenDB Conference, Matt Johnson talks about how you can extend RavenDB client and server side.

Alexander Beletsky05/19/14
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Got Tired of MongoDB Full Text Index

The author used MongoDB as the primary data source in Likeastore and went the way of MongoDB Full Text Search. Everything was fine initially, but after a while it became obvious that MongoDB FTS could not satisfy him any more.

Shane Johnson05/19/14
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Consistent: To Be, or Not To Be

Is data in MongoDB consistent? Is data in Couchbase Server consistent? In this article, the author compares data consistency in two NoSQL solutions, diagramming the structure of each.

Alec Noller05/18/14
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The Best of the Week (May 9): NoSQL Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the NoSQL Zone. This week's best include the ups and downs of migrating from Redis to MongoDB, a look at how to harness Wikipedia's location data with MongoDB, modeling tricks from the RavenDB Conference videos, and more.

Alec Noller05/17/14
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MongoMem: Optimize Memory Use in MongoDB

MongoDB users: do you have a way to tell how much memory each collection is using? For the Wish Engineering team, the answer was "no," and that's why they developed MongoMem, which allows MongoDB developers to precisely locate collections in need of memory-use optimization.

Adam Fowler05/16/14
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Cloudera & MongoDB: The Limitations of Choice in NoSQL

Cloudera and MongoDB released an interesting press release this week where they aim to continue to work closely together. Is this AGoodThing[™]? The author discusses here.

Eyal Golan05/16/14
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Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: Hbase, Day 2

This post is a recap of the second day of Hbase from the Seven Databases in Seven Weeks book. The first thing the author had to do in day two was download lots of data (big data) and stream it into Hbase, and then customize a JRuby script.