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Adi Gaskell04/19/14
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Power distance and social business

It is becoming more widely accepted that culture is fundamental to the creation of a social business. It’s the behavioural glue that binds everything together. Suffice to say, culture is something that has received an awful lot of attention over the years, as the study of humanity has delved into what makes us who we are.

Christopher Taylor04/19/14
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Ignore the HIPPOs for once and improve your business

Most decisions in organizations are made by escalating them up the management hierarchy — and it’s usually the highest paid person in the room’s opinion (“HIPPO”) that prevails. The HIPPO model of decision-making will likely always be with us.

Adi Gaskell04/18/14
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Can our work make us more social?

It’s easy to imagine certain people, and more specifically, certain personalities, being perfectly made for particular roles. Everything about their very being says they’re cut out for that line of work. I’ve written previously about the virtues of a conscientious personality type for organizations that are attempting to become more social and collaborative.

Hearsay Social04/18/14
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Unveiling a new dashboard and compliance enhancements to help you grow business on social media

Today we’re proud to announce the new Hearsay Social dashboard, helping advisors, producers and wholesalers use social networks to prospect for new customers, deepen relationships and grow business.

Adi Gaskell04/18/14
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Crowdsourcing knowledge curation with Quizz

Crowdsourcing has been used to tackle some particularly prickly problems over the last few years. A group of researchers from New York University and Google have built a new gamified system to attempt to improve the way we curate knowledge.

Interact Intran...04/18/14
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Define your intranet requirements the smart way

Have you decided that you need an intranet, or social business tool, and better internal communications, but you’re not sure what the next steps are?

Michael Brenner04/17/14
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29 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready For Content Marketing

Do you sometimes get the feeling that content marketing has become the latest bandwagon people are jumping on before they really understand what it is and what it takes?

Adi Gaskell04/17/14
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Is the crowdfunding bubble bursting?

It would seem churlish to deny the impact crowdfunding has had over the last few years, with an ever increasing array of platforms providing funding for an ever expanding number of projects. That many of these projects have been the kind that would not normally be served by more established funding channels merely adds to the allure.

Highq Collaborate04/17/14
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Sceptical execs scuppering your enterprise social network? Here’s how to win them around

You’ve already implemented your enterprise social network and a community is starting to flourish. Awesome! Only one problem: your executives aren’t convinced. Dubious execs can slow the momentum of the enterprise social network, so it’s crucial to make sure that you get full backing from your higher ups.

Adi Gaskell04/17/14
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App gets us talking to strangers

I wrote a few months ago about the benefits we derive as people from the ‘relationships’ we have with people we see regularly in our communities, be they regulars in our gym or the people we see every day on the train to work.

Christopher Taylor04/16/14
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Create marketing that is trusted, remarkable, unmistakable and essential

We’re months past the winter holidays and sellers have a great chance to think about what we’ve learned, now that the dust has settled. Each holiday shopping season is an intense, focused study in what motivates customers to buy and brings many opportunities for improvement.

Adi Gaskell04/16/14
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Inside out innovation at Telus

Open innovation is an increasingly well known concept, as organizations seek to get more out of the talent at their disposal, whether that talent is officially theirs or not. Obviously the most well known kind of open innovation is the outside in variety, whereby organizations seek to bring in knowledge and ideas from outside and apply it to problems or challenges they’re facing. Crowdsourcing is the embodiment of this.

Jive Community04/16/14
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Can You Be Both Social and Secure?

As you may have seen in my post From Google to Gaga: The Top 9 Takeaways from SXSW 2014, the biggest breakthrough in tech this year wasn’t a new startup. It was the subject of privacy.

Adi Gaskell04/16/14
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What makes a Facebook image go viral?

Whilst there are considerable doubts over the reliability of guides on creating viral content, there are no shortage of attempts to predict both how content spreads, and thus the kind of content that will do so. A new study published recently by Stanford academics has set out to explore the viral nature of photos.

Hearsay Social04/15/14
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Three social business takeaways from the SIFMA Compliance and Legal Society Annual Seminar

Last week the compliance and legal community gathered in sunny Orlando for the SIFMA Compliance and Legal Society’s 46th Annual Seminar. At the seminar, compliance and legal professionals come together to discuss the significant challenges faced by the financial services community and to explore ways to address ongoing regulatory changes.

Adi Gaskell04/15/14
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The potential of crowdsourcing to improve healthcare

Last week I looked at a number of sites that are aiming to directly involve patients in the improvement of healthcare services. What arguably began with WellSpringboard winning the PCORI prize has since blossomed into a niche industry, with a couple of sites emerging to offer patients more of a say in how to improve their healthcare.

Hearsay Social04/15/14
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Quality content rules the Facebook News Feed

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a key social platform for financial services professionals to reach out and connect with customers. Every day, agents and advisors use their Facebook Business Pages to share content, post updates on their business, and provide useful insights into what is happening in the market.

Adi Gaskell04/15/14
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Is coherence the key to good leadership?

The success of our organizations at hiring the bets managers has been a constant source of consternation on the blog for sometime now. Only last month I wrote about the frankly shocking data returned by the recent Gallup survey suggesting that over 80% of managers are not up to the job.

@ Better_working04/14/14
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Aligning People, Comms and Technology for Effective Digital Workplace Transformation

Much has been said recently about the importance of the CIO and CMO relationship. Whether the focus is on a shifting balance of power or on the need for closer cooperation, it’s clear these two functions are key to the digital transformation of an organisation’s ability to identify and respond to customer demand.

Adi Gaskell04/14/14
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Bringing out the compassion in your social business

I’ve written a few times recently about the value of conscientiousness to a social business, and how caring for your peers encourages collaborative behaviours. A new study into workplace compassion highlights the value it can bring, both to employees and the organizations they work for.

Jive Community04/14/14
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Shining a Light on JiveX 7

Many have you been asking When will the Jive Community upgrade to version 7? Well, I'm happy to announce that day has come.

Adi Gaskell04/14/14
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The impact of environmental factors on reviews

Reviews are hugely important for restaurants, hotels, even doctors. That much is pretty widely established now, and has contributed to the rapidly growing industry in the provision of fake reviews.

Michael Brenner04/13/14
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Content Marketing Must Focus On Customer Value

Most marketers are using content marketing but only one-third think they are effective with it.

Adi Gaskell04/13/14
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The neurology of innovation

Being innovative is one of those things that most organizations want to be great at, but few actually are. A big reason for this failure is that few organisations are actually structured to deliver innovation. Most are structured to do the things they do, and to do them as efficiently and as profitably as possible.

Mark Morrell04/12/14
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How to manage your intranet

After you have developed a clear intranet strategy as explained in my post ‘How to develop an intranet strategy‘ you then need to follow this with an implementation plan, publishing standards and a governance framework.