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Christopher Blake10/25/14
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Digital Disruption - Microsoft misses again with Office Graph and Delve

In 1997 when Apple wrote it, they were the underdog, the company that was appealing to the edge, to the people who were prepared to shake things up.; the ‘wild ducks’.

Adi Gaskell10/25/14
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How curiosity aids learning

I’ve written previously about the importance of passion in a social business. The pace of change is so fast in the modern world that it is essential that you love what you do, as that will support the investment required to stay on top of the changes impacting your particular field.

Christopher Taylor10/24/14
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I hate my bank and that’s OK

I hate my bank. Wait, that’s only partially true. I hate my bank that offers a location wherever I happen to be, has tellers and allows me to deposit and withdraw small or large sums of cash.

Adi Gaskell10/24/14
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New report looks at the five drivers of workplace change in financial services

There are undoubtedly many social, technological and financial factors impacting upon the way our workplaces are evolving.  Recently, workplace consultancy Unwork and DTZ set out about exploring just what some of those core factors are in the...

Oscar Berg10/24/14
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Social technology isn't just about tools

Social software is a category of communication tools that support and encourage social and collaborative behaviors. The term “social technology” is wrongly often taken as a synonym for social software.A technology is not just about the tools.

Oscar Berg10/23/14
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The Digital Workplace

It's been a while since I last shared a presentation on Slideshare. Mostly it's because I have accepted fewer speaking engagements and focused my time and energy on working on customer assignments.

Adi Gaskell10/23/14
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MOOCs are coming to a school near you

There have been some big shifts in the way education has been delivered over the years. We’ve seen the likes of Khan Academy do wonderful things in maths and science related topics, and they even teamed up with NASA recently to produce a joint effort over some space related topics.

Matt Ballantine10/23/14
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Employer engagement

Employee engagement is big business. Entire consulting industries are devoted to measuring and tracking the levels of engagement that are displayed by a company’s staff, and implementing programmes of work to try to nudge the scores upwards. An...

Adi Gaskell10/22/14
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What sharing great moments can teach us about change

Sharing successes is one of the more common facets of modern life, whether it’s sharing each new sale or target reached in the organizational world, or sharing our latest holiday photos via our social networks.

Christopher Taylor10/22/14
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Don’t hate me if I freeze my eggs

The story broke this week in TechCrunch, LA Times and many other publications that Facebook and Apple offer a benefit to working mothers of up to $20,000 to freeze eggs.

Adi Gaskell10/22/14
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Do you need to be friends with colleagues?

Much of the ethos behind social business suggests that it entails a great deal of interaction between yourself, your colleagues and other people within your sphere of influence.  With that level of interaction and engagement, is it therefore a...

Matt Ballantine10/22/14
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Millennial state of mind

In a few conversations in recent days I’ve been noticing how there is often an assumptive merging of two (for me) distinct concepts – millennials and digital natives.

Adi Gaskell10/22/14
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Is empowering leadership the key to creativity?

Most organizations want to be more creative and innovative than they have previously been.  As such, creativity is a topic I’ve discussed quite a few times on the blog.  I should say, that when I talk about creativity, I’m not generally...

Interact Intran...10/21/14
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Interaction Intranet Conference 2014 – Day One by Storify

See our Storify of our Customer Workshop day at Interaction Intranet Conference 2014 and our annual Intranet Excellence Awards dinner.

Adi Gaskell10/21/14
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Are leaders really born rather than made?

The notion of whether someone is how they are through nature or nurture is as old as time itself. It’s a topic that is especially pertinent in a social era where change is quite as pervasive as it is. In an environment where flexibility and adaptability are such important characteristics, the belief that talent is malleable is an important one.

Highq Collaborate10/21/14
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HighQ Takes On The Enterprise Collaboration Space With An Eye Toward Data Sovereignty

HighQ’s CEO Ajay Patel spoke to Alex Wilhelm for TechCrunch about the future of HighQ and his plans to take on the big players in the enterprise collaboration space.

Adi Gaskell10/21/14
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Using the crowd to tackle climate change

Whilst climate change isn’t as high on the agenda as perhaps it was before the financial crash a few years ago, it remains one of the more pressing global issues.

Matt Ballantine10/20/14
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What’s stopping you?

Work with one of my clients at the moment is focused on the use and adoption of collaborative tools – social networks within the organisation.

Adi Gaskell10/20/14
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Smartworking and the various strands of the future of work

Yesterday I attended the 3rd Smartworking Summit of 2014, put on by Quora Consulting at the RSA in London.

Highq Collaborate10/20/14
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How does HighQ use HighQ Collaborate?

You’d expect a company to use its own products if it can, and we’re no exception. Here at HighQ, we’re the perfect client for HighQ Collaborate. Our team is spread across offices in seven cities on four continents.

Adi Gaskell10/20/14
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Is your job a calling (and its impact on your engagement)?

I’ve written a number of times about the factors influencing employee engagement levels. The open innovation world suggests that what often motivates participants is the ability to engage in tasks they have a real passion for, and the control over how they fulfill that engagement.

Christopher Taylor10/20/14
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Sales people just won’t shut up

It’s a great paradox that the less comfortable we are the more we speak. The moment when we’re in the greatest danger of looking dumb is precisely when we open our mouths and remove all doubt. This paradox is on prominent display in the sales profession where so much hinges on our word choices, our timing and our delivery.

Adi Gaskell10/19/14
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What can virus control teach us about collaboration?

It is increasingly common for organizations to attempt to map the various movements and engagements their employees undertake.

Matt Ballantine10/19/14
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The future of career paths

I’ve been asked by a client to pull together a session looking at the future of career paths and career planning towards the end of the year. It’s an interesting assignment, and a theme in which I’ve made fairly significant experimental investments in the past few years (often to my wife’s considerable consternation).

Adi Gaskell10/18/14
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How workplace diversity boosts your bottom line

Thought diversity is something that I’ve touched on a few times on this blog in recent times. When diversity is traditionally mentioned in a workplace context, it is usually done along identity based lines. There is concern that too few women make the boardroom for instance, or that ethnic minorities are not given a fair crack in recruitment scenarios.