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Tinu Awopetu07/27/09
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NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 with JavaFX Now Available for Download!

The NetBeans Team is pleased to announce the release of NetBeans IDE 6.7.1, which supports the latest JavaFX SDK. Download NetBeans 6.7.1 (A JavaFX-only download bundle is also available.) NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 is an update to NetBeans IDE 6.7 and includes the...

Rick Ross02/14/08
16 replies

Welcome to DZone's new IndicZone community for Indian IT Pros

Let me welcome all of you to the new DZone community for one of the most important and fastest growing groups in the worldwide IT scene: Indian developers and IT professionals. No matter where you look, if something interesting is happening on the IT and...

Paul Andrews08/23/14
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How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Just as the name suggests, satellite internet is gaining access to the internet through the use of satellite technology. There are three major components to satellite internet equipment: two modems, the satellite itself, and coaxial cables that run between the two.

Adi Gaskell08/23/14
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Charities, celebrity endorsements and slacktavism

I’ve written a number of times about charitable use of social media, and just how effective it is in raising awareness of a particular campaign or issue. The general gist of the research is that whilst social networks, such as Facebook, can be effective, it’s generally only because of their sheer size. Other mediums offer much better return for your buck.

Highq Collaborate08/23/14
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Review of the 2014 Knowledge Management Survey Results

Last month ILTA released its 2014 Knowledge Management Survey Results published in the July 2014 ILTA KM White Paper.

Android Fantasy08/22/14
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Android Fantasy

 Welcome to AndroidFantasy - On Androidgem we cover topics on Free Downloads, Reviews, Tech, Computers, Mobiles as well as Android and iPhone Apps. We even post regularly about tutorials on Windows 8, Android and so. We post number of great contents...

Adi Gaskell08/22/14
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Bringing coding to the whole family

The last few years have seen educationalists from around the world place heightened awareness onto the importance of computer programming. Policy makers have clamoured to make coding a greater part of the school curriculum to try and raise the IT skills of their respective populations.

Shany Dembak08/22/14
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5 Innovative Ways to Increase Client Engagement

We all know how important client engagement is to increasing your brand recognition and building a solid, expansive customer base. No one wants to be advertised to, and we don’t like hard sells, either.

Adi Gaskell08/22/14
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Wikipedia, trust and misinformation

I’ve written a few pieces recently on attempts being made to understand how misinformation spreads through our social networks. The degree of connectivity within a social network is clearly of fundamental importance to the speed of the spread of information through that network.

Christopher Taylor08/22/14
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The Ice Bucket Challenge’s awesome combo of charity and creativity

The Internet certainly has its blessings and its curses…what we’ve gained in widely shared creativity, we’ve probably lost in the threats to our personal privacy. For this reason, when something comes along that can make the Internet a powerful force for good, we should cheer and participate in every way we can.

Adi Gaskell08/21/14
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Using the crowd to verify the news

I’ve posted a few times recently on the way people search for information online. For instance, in healthcare, it’s increasingly common for patients to arrive at their doctors armed with a degree of information about their condition that they curated online.

Interact Intran...08/21/14
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Intranet awards – chicken soup for a business’s soul

The intranet awards season is rolling around again including the Interact Intranet Excellence Awards and with all the best intentions in the world you want to enter but in terms of priority it’s not really top of your agenda.

Adi Gaskell08/21/14
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Using sharing economy tech to help you find a doctor

Today I’ve covered three stories highlighting some cool things that are being done in the field of mobile healthcare. The first two posts have looked at new devices that aim to make monitoring and detecting various diseases from out in the field a whole lot cheaper and easier.

Adi Gaskell08/21/14
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How to nudge yourself into social business

When organizations attempt to become more collaborative and innovative, many of the strategies adopted to try and encourage that kind of behaviour are rather explicit in their nature. There are blatant attempts to encourage collaborative behaviours, whether it’s having role models or installing expensive software.

Christopher Blake08/21/14
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IBM has announced today that the Domino Application Browser Plug-in is now available for free with IBM Utility Server PVU licenses

This single announcement makes the IBM Domino the Application Server of natural choice for many, many Enterprise clients.

Dan Domkowski08/21/14
1 replies

Cloud Behind the Firewall: Private PaaS and FedRAMP

Is your organization experiencing pain points related to meeting FedRAMP requirements? Learn how companies like JPMorgan Chase and McKesson take advantage of a policy-driven platform without hampering innovation, and how the Federal Government can, as well.

//Code sample shows how to create content control of type rich text box.

//[C# code sample]

Document doc = new Document();
StructuredDocumentTag sdtRichText = new StructuredDocumentTag(doc, SdtType.RichText, MarkupLevel.Block);

Paragraph para = new Paragraph(doc);
Run run = new Run(doc);
run.Text = "Hello World";
run.Font.Color = Color.Green;

doc.Save(MyDir + "Out.docx");

//[VB Code Sample]

Dim doc As New Document()
Dim sdtRichText As New StructuredDocumentTag(doc, SdtType.RichText, MarkupLevel.Block)

Dim para As New Paragraph(doc)
Dim run As New Run(doc)
run.Text = "Hello World"
run.Font.Color = Color.Green

doc.Save(MyDir & "Out.docx")
//Code samples for how to create content control of type combo box.

//[C# code sample]

Document doc = new Document();
StructuredDocumentTag sdt = new StructuredDocumentTag(doc, SdtType.ComboBox, MarkupLevel.Block);

sdt.ListItems.Add(new SdtListItem("Choose an item", "-1"));
sdt.ListItems.Add(new SdtListItem("Item 1", "1"));
sdt.ListItems.Add(new SdtListItem("Item 2", "2"));

doc.Save(MyDir + "Out.docx");
//[VB Code Sample]

Dim doc As New Document()
Dim sdt As New StructuredDocumentTag(doc, SdtType.ComboBox, MarkupLevel.Block)

sdt.ListItems.Add(New SdtListItem("Choose an item", "-1"))
sdt.ListItems.Add(New SdtListItem("Item 1", "1"))
sdt.ListItems.Add(New SdtListItem("Item 2", "2"))

doc.Save(MyDir & "Out.docx")
//Code for how to modify content controls of type plain text box, drop down list and picture.

//[C# code sample]

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "in.docx");

foreach (StructuredDocumentTag sdt in doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.StructuredDocumentTag, true))
    if (sdt.SdtType == SdtType.PlainText)
        Paragraph para = sdt.AppendChild(new Paragraph(doc)) as Paragraph;
        Run run = new Run(doc, "new text goes here");
    else if (sdt.SdtType == SdtType.DropDownList)
        SdtListItem secondItem = sdt.ListItems[2];
        sdt.ListItems.SelectedValue = secondItem;
    else if (sdt.SdtType == SdtType.Picture)
        DrawingML dml = (DrawingML)sdt.GetChild(NodeType.DrawingML, 0, true);
        if (dml.HasImage)
            dml.ImageData.SetImage(MyDir + "image.png");

doc.Save(MyDir + "Out.docx");
//[VB Code Sample]

Dim doc As New Document(MyDir & "in.docx")

For Each sdt As StructuredDocumentTag In doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.StructuredDocumentTag, True)
    If sdt.SdtType = SdtType.PlainText Then
        Dim para As Paragraph = TryCast(sdt.AppendChild(New Paragraph(doc)), Paragraph)
        Dim run As New Run(doc, "new text goes here")
    ElseIf sdt.SdtType = SdtType.DropDownList Then
        Dim secondItem As SdtListItem = sdt.ListItems(2)
        sdt.ListItems.SelectedValue = secondItem
    ElseIf sdt.SdtType = SdtType.Picture Then
        Dim dml As DrawingML = DirectCast(sdt.GetChild(NodeType.DrawingML, 0, True), DrawingML)
        If dml.HasImage Then
            dml.ImageData.SetImage(MyDir & "image.png")
        End If
    End If

doc.Save(MyDir & "Out.docx")
Sankar Annamalai08/20/14
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Microsoft and iLink to present a half-day event on “Improving Organizational Effectiveness with Social Intranets and Office 365” in Irving TX

Redmond, WA, Aug 18, 2014: iLink Systems, an ISO and CMMI certified global software solutions provider, Microsoft Gold Level Partner and winner of the several Microsoft "Partner of the Year" Awards, today announced an upcoming complimentary lunch event titled...

Michael Brenner08/20/14
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7 Content Marketing Lessons From Red Bull Media House

One of the biggest content marketing questions I get on a regular basis is “who are the leading content marketing brands?”

Adi Gaskell08/20/14
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New device aims to make airborne monitoring faster and easier

This is the 2nd post looking at the rise in mobile healthcare today. The first looked at a new device called uMED, which aims to provide an affordable and easy to use means of monitoring for a wide range of diseases, all over a standard mobile phones voice network.