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Tinu Awopetu07/27/09
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NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 with JavaFX Now Available for Download!

The NetBeans Team is pleased to announce the release of NetBeans IDE 6.7.1, which supports the latest JavaFX SDK. Download NetBeans 6.7.1 (A JavaFX-only download bundle is also available.) NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 is an update to NetBeans IDE 6.7 and includes the...

Rick Ross02/14/08
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Welcome to DZone's new IndicZone community for Indian IT Pros

Let me welcome all of you to the new DZone community for one of the most important and fastest growing groups in the worldwide IT scene: Indian developers and IT professionals. No matter where you look, if something interesting is happening on the IT and...

Alex Curylo10/01/14
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Apple-Paying The Piper

Haven’t seen very much discussion of Apple Pay yet, but we’re kinda suspecting here it might turn out to be more of a Big Deal than most people are expecting right now.

Jorge Ramon10/01/14
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Mobile UI Patterns - A Flowchart for User Registration, Login and Logout

In this mobile UI patterns article we will build a flowchart depicting the screens needed to handle user registration, login and logout in a mobile application.

Adi Gaskell10/01/14
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Why leadership should be a collaborative exercise

In social business circles, there is a strong disposition towards inclusivity in decision making. The notion is that when you involve people in decisions that effect them, then it is much more likely that they will be on board with any changes that are required.

Hearsay Social10/01/14
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Introducing Hearsay Social On the Air

As part of our ongoing commitment to serve the financial services community, we are excited to announce the launch of the “Hearsay Social On the Air” podcast.

Adi Gaskell10/01/14
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Is it intelligence or personality that matters?

It probably goes without saying that most organizations strive to attract the most talented people, whether it’s through direct employment, or more recently via open innovation challenges. It doesn’t always work out however.

Christopher Taylor10/01/14
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Internet of Things runs roughshod over business process

It’s exceedingly easy to think about the Internet of Things (IoT) as a hardcore technology play, but it really isn’t.

Adi Gaskell10/01/14
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Is the social business world fulfilling its goals?

The illusory superiority bias is one of the more common psychological biases to emerge in our working lives. For those that aren’t familiar with it, it suggests that we tend to think we’re an awful lot better at things than we actually are.

Troy Hunt10/01/14
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What the !@*# Were They Thinking?! Crazy Website Biases Exposed By Naughty Words Lists

I’ve long held the view that passwords should consist of as many crazy things as the owner deems fit. If I want to create a password that looks like a dog just ate the keyboard and threw up all the keys, then good for me.

Baruch Sadogursky09/30/14
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JFrog Brings First Distribution as a Service (DaaS) to the Enterprise with Bintray Premium

JFrog, a software build and distribution company, announced today the launch of Bintray Premium, the commercial version of its wildly popular software distribution platform—previously available only for open source software. JFrog is the only vendor to...

Steve Farnsworth09/30/14
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Creating The Perfect Content Marketing Dashboard

The dashboard. It’s something we’re used to seeing, whether as a casual blogger or a marketer at a midsized organization.

Adi Gaskell09/30/14
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What impact does being watched have on our behaviours?

There was a study published a few years ago that looked at ethics, and ethical behaviour at work. It came to the conclusion that the mere perception of being watched can prompt us to behave in a more ethical manner.

Comindware Inc.09/30/14
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Business Process Improvement: Putting Individuals at the Core

The more complex the process, the lesser the chances of achieving high-performing results, as individual efficiency is inversely proportional to process complexity.

Adi Gaskell09/30/14
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Using social networks to disseminate science and innovation

The past few years have seen a number of attempts instigated to try and uncover scientific discoveries that are largely being unused, and to disseminate them to people who can make use of them.

Michael Brenner09/30/14
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The 3 Factors That Drive Content Marketing Success

People ask me all the time how I find time to write and share. I have already shared some of my top tips in the above links and this older one.

Kevin Daly09/30/14
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Don't fall in love with your own code!

Don't fall into the trap of falling in love with your own code.

Nilanchala Panigrahy09/30/14
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Android Third Party Libraries and SDK's

Below are some of the popular android third party libraries. Over past few years, the age of mobile development become an fiercely-competitive world of serious money making business.

Adi Gaskell09/29/14
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Paper outlines the rise in collaborative crowdteaching

The open source software movement has long utilized and promoted the open sharing of content and ideas. Developers would be encouraged both to share the work they’ve created, and of course to build on the work of others, thus creating a much more collective intelligence amongst the community.

Daniela Castrataro09/29/14
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Monitor, Respond, Update – Components of A Good Crowdfunding Campaign 5

In our continuing series of advisory blogs on how to run a good Crowdfunding campaign we address three key activities in any campaign – Monitoring, Responding and Updating