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Make sure that you keep the discussion related to the technology that's discussed in the book and target the length of your review to 800 - 1400 words.

In general, you will want to have an introduction, body, and conclusion conveying your impression of the book. Please note that when you're entering your review into the editor on DZone (see How-to Post Your Book Review below), your "Bottom Line" should be different than your introduction in the "Review" section. 

Here are some examples of "publishable" reviews:

How to Post Your Book Review 

Once you have requested and received your book for review, the first step is to send an email to Mitch Pronschinske at mitch@dzone.com so that a 6-week deadline can be set.

To write the review, you'll log on to your account and go to books.dzone.com. Then, in the top right corner next to your picture, click "Post content."

Choose "book review" as the content type and then write your review in the editor. Make sure you fill out all the necessary fields. 

If you wish to partially write your review, you can save it on your computer in a plain text editor and copy it into the editor on DZone when it's fully complete. 

When you have finished entering in your review, save it and email your link to Mitch Pronschinske at mitch@dzone.com

It will then be reviewed by our editors and you will be contaced if changes need to be made or when the review is published. 


What's The DZone Review Team? 

  • The DZone Review Team reviews tech books and Refcardz for DZone. 
  • Members receive team emails indicating which books and Refcardz need reviewing.
  • Each team email contains early access to DZone's newest Refcardz.
  • Members respond via email with their reviews. 
  • Their publishable tech book reviews are posted to DZone's Book Zone. 
  • Their Refcardz feedback is considered by DZone's authors, editors, and designers.
  • They ultimately improve the quality of DZone Refcardz and DZone's Book Zone content. 

What Will You Get As A Part Of The Team?

  • Book reviewers will get free tech books.
  • Publishable book reviews will get published on DZone's Book Zone.
  • All reviewers will get early access to all new DZone Refcardz. 

What Should Refcardz Reviews Look Like?

Refcardz reviews are sent via email (see "How-to Submit Your Refcardz Review below) to allow them to be incredibly open-ended. We're interested in any comments you have regarding the quality of the card in terms of technical content, presentation, and even copy editing. As long as what you send is constructive and moves the progress of the card forward, you can write three words, one sentence, or several paragraphs and your review will still be valuable.

Click here to see a sample "substantive" Grails Refcard review. 

How-to Submit Your Refcardz Review

Submitting your Refcardz review is very easy. Simply compile your feedback in an email and send it to mitch@dzone.com

All Refcardz reviews are due within one week of email notification that reviews are needed. 

What Should Book Reviews Look Like?

Your book reviews should be review-oriented and written in paragraph format rather than just a chapter by chapter summary. You'll want to make sure you give your opinion on the book and describe:

  • What you liked about the book
  • What you disliked (if anything)
  • How the book could be improved