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Actionscript 3 : TweenLite Basic Syndax

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        // The TweenLite engine ads only 2K !!! file size on your project

It's important to note that you'll need to go to this link : and download TweenLite in order for any of the code in the post to work. It's also worth taking a look at the excellent documentation that you'll find at that same link.Need some basic tutorial ??? --->>
API documentation at this url ---->>


import gs.TweenLite;
import fl.motion.easing.*;,3 ,{x:400, rotation:180, scaleX:2, scaleY:2});

//another example 

box.x = 150;
box.y = 150;, 2,{x: 300});, 2,{y: 300, ease:Bounce.easeOut, overwrite:false});

//another example 

box.x = 150;
box.y = 150;, 2,{x: 300});
// here we define our onComplete callback function, 2,{y: 300,



                               onComplete: onJump});

function onJump():void {, 1,{y: 100, rotation:180, ease:Back.easeOut});


//another example, 2,{y: 300,
           ease: Bounce.easeOut,
           overwrite: false,
           onComplete: onJump,
           onCompleteParams: [box]});

function onJump(mc:MovieClip):void {, 1,{y: 100, rotation:180, ease:Back.easeOut});