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Add-escapes - Escape Chars In A String

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    add-escapes: func [
        "Insert the esc-with value before each instance of val, unless it's part of a list of things to ignore."
        series   [string!]
        val      [char!] "the char to escape"
        esc-with [char!] "the char to escape it with"
        /ignore special [block!] "block of strings to ignore"
        /local rule=
        rule=: copy/deep [
            any [
                ; ignore rule will be added here if needed
                mark: val (insert mark esc-with) skip
                | skip
        ; If they have things they want us to ignore, add a rule at the
        ; beginning of the ANY rule, and a pipe symbol after it.
        if special [
            ; rule=/2 is the ANY block
            ; pipe 1 is DELIMIT param
            ; pipe 2 is new rule 'OR separator
            insert rule=/2 reduce [delimit copy special '| '|]
        parse/all series rule=