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Another Perl Crawler

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        Again found in my old source folder, it may not fully work.

This Perl script reads in the existing links from links.dat into the array @bigarray.  It then loops through the array reading in each link and appending the new links it finds to links.dat.  If the script were run in a loop it would add every single web address it can find to links.dat.

use IO::Socket; 
use URI; 
open(LINKS, "<< links.dat"); 
@bigarray = (); 
while (<LINKS>) { 
        push(@bigarray, $_); 
foreach $uri (@bigarray) { 
        ($domain = URI->new($uri)->authority) =~ s/^www\.//i; 
        $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr 
                                => $domain, 
                                PeerPort => 80, 
                                Proto => 'tcp', 
                                Type => SOCK_STREAM) 
        or die "Couldn't connect"; 
        print $socket "GET / HTTP/1.0\n\n"; 
        #$page = <$socket>; 
        open(LINKS, ">> links.dat"); 
        while (defined($line = <$socket>)) { 
                $line =~ m{href="(.*?)"}ig; 
                print LINKS "$1";