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Apologies For Downtime - Weird Rails Issues

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        I apologise for the downtime on Sunday and early Monday. I am buying a new server to spread the load.

One of the biggest problems with this server is that after an hour or two, Snippets' dispatch.fcgi is using tons of CPU and not serving requests. Despite setting FCGIConfig properly, these processes are not getting killed.

I've written and cronned a Perl script that does a killall -9 on ruby and dispatch.fcgi processes whenever load goes over a certain amount.

Bloocy weird, and highly annoying. It's like dispatch.fcgi is getting caught someplace.    


Snippets Manager replied on Mon, 2012/05/07 - 2:12pm

coop, i've been having a similar problem with one of my sites. is snippets hosted on lighttpd? my app seems to freeze several times a day, where lighttpd is still running but the app isnt serving anything. i set up daedalus to check a test page every few minutes and restart lighttpd, but even that isnt working 100%.. can you share your perl script? i'll email you about it as well..

Snippets Manager replied on Mon, 2012/05/07 - 2:12pm

I came across this post that indicates there is a memory leak in ruby-fcgi 0.8.5 I had the same issue last week, on a developement only app. I haven't tried the patch yet, so can't report on success!

Snippets Manager replied on Mon, 2012/05/07 - 2:12pm

Running the app in development mode might not have been helping..