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Archive Flagged Items From NetNewsWire Into Yojimbo

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        This lil Ruby-OSA script will allow you to import your "Flagged Items" in NetNewsWire as Web Archive Items in Yojimbo. Thus allowing you to save RSS articles for off-line viewing/storage.

['rubygems', 'rbosa'].each {|lib| require lib}
nnw ='NetNewsWire')
yojimbo ='Yojimbo')

nnw.subscriptions.find { |s| s if s.display_name == 'Flagged Items' }.headlines.each do |article|
  unless { |f| f.source_url }.include?(article.url)
    archived = yojimbo.make(OSA::Yojimbo::WebArchiveItem, 
                            :name => article.title)
    # Adjust this for slower/faster bandwidth connections (or your feeling lucky, punk)
    # Uncomment below to remove the flagged items upon successfully archiving
    # if == 'untitled' && archived.source_url.empty?
    #   puts "!!! #{article.title} does not look to be imported !!!"
    # else
    #   article.delete
    # end


Js Jullia replied on Thu, 2012/07/12 - 8:37am

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Snippets Manager replied on Wed, 2007/05/16 - 6:54pm

Note: I check to make sure we're not importing double articles... you can remove the unless statement before archived= for further speediness.