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Are Sessions Working?

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You can use this piece of code to check if it is possible to use sessions for the visitor.

This can come handy for login pages. If you have cookies disabled and try to login, no login session can be used. In such cases it is nice to inform your visitors. 


  session_start ();
  //Check GET request
  if (isset ($_GET['cookie_check'])){
    //Check session
    if (isset ($_SESSION['session_set'])){
      //Display working message
      echo "working...";
      //Or redirect
      //header ("Location: cookie_working.php");
    } else {
      //Display failure message
      echo "failure...";
      //Or redirect
      //header ("Location: cookie_fail.php");
  session_register ("session_set");
  $_SESSION['session_set'] = true;
  header ("Location: cookie_check.php?cookie_check=1");