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Basename & Dirname In Perl

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        These two Perl functions implement approximations of the UNIX utilities `basename` and `dirname`, though basename() automatically strips off the last extension no matter what.
sub basename($) {
 my $file = shift;
 $file =~ s!^(?:.*/)?(.+?)(?:\.[^.]*)?$!$1!;
 return $file;

sub dirname($) {my $file = shift; $file =~ s!/?[^/]*/*$!!; return $file; }


Snippets Manager replied on Mon, 2007/07/16 - 10:52am

That is definitely an interesting way of doing this while not using any modules. Just as a reference, you can use the File::Basename ( module off of CPAN, which works marvelously. Plus, it is part of the default Perl distribution so its on every machine.