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C# - Using Statement

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        Using statement defines scope of an object/resource. When scope of an object/resource is over then the resource is automatically disposed by the CLR rather then by calling Garbage collector which is not preferred

Lets see through an example, First of all lets declare a class that makes use of using statement. This class must implement IDisposable interface. 

class Student: IDisposable
    private String _studentName;
    private int _studentId;

    public String StudentName
        get { return _studentName; }
        set { _studentName = value; }

    public int StudentId
        get { return _studentId; }
        set { _studentId = value; }

    public void Show()
        Console.WriteLine("Student Id:{0}", StudentId);
        Console.WriteLine("Student Name:{0}", StudentName);

    void IDisposable.Dispose()
        Console.WriteLine("Using Statement Scope is over. Student Object is destroyed.");

Following is main program:
class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        Console.WriteLine("Statement Before Using");
        using (Student student = new Student())
            Console.WriteLine("Statement Inside the Using");
            student.StudentName = "Rahul";
            student.StudentId = 123;
        Console.WriteLine("Statement After Using");

Following is Output:
"Statement Before Using" 
"Statement Inside the Using"
"Using Statement Scope is over. Student Object is destroyed."
"Statement After Using"

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