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Check That A User Has Permission On All Parents In Zope

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        If you need to be sure that a user can view an object, you need to check the View permission not only on the object but also all of its parents.  To do this, I slightly modified the script at so that it uses the context object and specified the View permission.

Create a Python script in your acquisition path (I used portal_skins/custom) named can_view and paste in this code:
permission = "View"
  if not object.acquiredRolesAreUsedBy( permission ):
    for p in object.rolesOfPermission( permission ):
      if p['selected']:
        if p['name'] in user.getRoles():
          return 1
   return 1
return 0
Then you can check the permission in TAL like this:

<div tal:condition="some_object/can_view">