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Displaying The Last 10 Pages Visited From A Session

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        I wanted to store and display an array of the last 10 visited pages in a session. With the help of some folks in #rubyonrails (particularly aqua) this is what i've come up with:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
	before_filter :add_to_history
	before_filter :page_title
	def add_to_history
	  session[:history] ||= []
	  session[:history].unshift ({"url" => @request.request_uri, "name" => page_title })
	  session[:history].pop while session[:history].length > 11

# This bit came from Peter Cooper's snippets source and was moved into the application controller:

	def page_title
		case self.controller_name
			when 'tag' 
				title = "Tags » " + @params[:tags].join(" > ")
			when 'user'
				title = "Users » #{@params[:user]}"	 
			when 'features'
					case self.action_name
						when 'show' then title = "Feature » #{Feature.find(@params[:id]).title}"
						else title = APP_CONFIG["default_title"]
				title = APP_CONFIG["default_title"] + self.controller_name + ":" + self.action_name
	helper_method :page_title


In your partial you might do something like this:

<h4>User History</h4>
<% for cur in session[:history][0..9] -%>
  <p><a href="<%= cur["url"] %>"><%= cur["name"] %></a></p>
<% end -%>

Feedback and comments would be appreciated    


Snippets Manager replied on Mon, 2012/05/07 - 2:13pm

I think this is brilliant, but I found a couple of areas for improvement. I didn't like the addition of view-less actions, which really aren't things I want users to get back to. This is stuff like create, update and delete actions. I didn't like duplicate entries either. (I also renamed 'url' to 'uri' just because.) def add_to_history session[:history] ||= [] if File.exists?("#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/views/#{self.controller_name}/#{self.action_name}.rhtml") && session[:history].empty? || session[:history].first['uri'] != @request.request_uri session[:history].unshift({ 'uri' => @request.request_uri, 'name' => page_title }) session[:history].pop while session[:history].length > 11 end end I'm sure you can figure out what all that does.