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Find All Children With Acts_as_tree

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        #Find all children including grandchildren and children of their descendants recursively
#Using acts_as_tree
#inside example model Category

  def all_children
    all = []
    self.children.each do |category|
      all << category
      root_children = category.all_children.flatten
      all << root_children unless root_children.empty?
    return all.flatten


Snippets Manager replied on Wed, 2010/12/01 - 5:48am

I followed your previous posts on acts_as_tree. I tried to implement the code in (rails UI helper for acts_as_tree) Although it works fine, instead of displaying the evaluated HTML, the HTML itself is being displayed! I get outputs like this :
  • ibg
    • rgf
      • gn
        How do i get it not display the literal HTML ?