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FInd Slow Actions In A Rails App

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# Show a list of actions sorted by time taken. Useful for finding slow actions.
cat log/development.log | awk '/Completed/ { print "[" $3 "] - " $0 }' | sort -nr


Snippets Manager replied on Sat, 2006/12/30 - 11:43pm

The -n flag on the sort command sorts by numeric rather than by character. It works on my box (Linux/Gentoo) Then again, I don't have anything beyond double digits in the test log. This line can be added to a script, such as script/analyze_logs for convenience. -Q

Joe Martinez replied on Tue, 2006/01/10 - 10:24pm

This is cool but doesn't sort exactly right - it only sorts by the first digit in the completion time - report actions taking in the double digits don't fall in line. I guess that's motivation to get all actions in the single digits :)