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Flash CS3 DataGrid Snipet

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//Data grid creation through AS3 
// insert code here..

// Import the necessary packages
import fl.controls.DataGrid;
import fl.controls.ScrollPolicy

//First drag a DataGrid component on stage so that the library ,
//gets a reference , and imediatly remove it from the stage.
//Open the Action Panel (F9)
// Now create a a new instance of DataGrid and name it "datagrid_AS"
var datagrid_AS:DataGrid = new DataGrid();

// this is to make col. 3 a bit bigger
var col3 = datagrid_AS.addColumn("Description");
col3.minWidth = 350;
datagrid_AS.addItem({Name:"Moodle", License:"Free", Description:"Good for blended activity-oriented teaching"});
datagrid_AS.addItem({Name:"ATutor", License:"Free", Description:"Good for content-oriented teaching"});
datagrid_AS.addItem({Name:"Blackboard", License:"Commercial", Description:"Good for content and exercise-oriented teaching"});
datagrid_AS.addItem({Name:"MediaWiki", License:"GPL (free)", Description:"Good for writing-to-learn and technical mini-projects teaching"});

// Fix the size
datagrid_AS.width = 400;
// Set the height to the number of rows + 1 (for the header)
datagrid_AS.rowCount = datagrid_AS.length + 1;

// Position it at x=400 and y = 50
datagrid_AS.move(300, 70);

// Horizontal scrolling is on
datagrid_AS.horizontalScrollPolicy = ScrollPolicy.ON ;

// Then add it to the stage