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Flex/ActionScript: Making Trace() Display The Method It Was Called In

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        While trace() is useful, its indiscriminate use by me often crowds 
the console of my fellow developers. We agreed on making every trace() show
the method it came from, but I am too lazy to do this, this makes it automatic:

public static function TRACE(s:Object):void {
  try {
    throw new Error();
  } catch (e:Error) {
    var stack:String = e.getStackTrace();
    var frames:Array = stack.split("\n");
    var myFrame:String = String(frames[2]);
    myFrame = myFrame.replace("\t", "");
    // "at " can be followed by some part of the package
    // you don't want to see. E.g., if your code is all in
    //, you can put "at" so as not
    // to crowd the display
    myFrame = myFrame.substr("at ".length);
    myFrame = myFrame.substring(0, myFrame.indexOf("["));
    trace(myFrame + ": " + s);