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Get Tables And Its Foreign Keys (PostgreSQL)

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        Get tables and its foreign keys (PostgreSQL)

SELECT c.oid, n.nspname, c.relname, n2.nspname, c2.relname, cons.conname
FROM pg_class c 
 JOIN pg_namespace n ON n.oid = c.relnamespace
 LEFT OUTER JOIN pg_constraint cons ON cons.conrelid = c.oid
 LEFT OUTER JOIN pg_class c2 ON cons.confrelid = c2.oid
 LEFT OUTER JOIN pg_namespace n2 ON n2.oid = c2.relnamespace
WHERE c.relkind = 'r' 
 AND n.nspname IN ('public') -- any other schemas in here
 AND (cons.contype = 'f' OR cons.contype IS NULL)