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Grid Tile Render Engine, In .Net

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        // A Render engine for grid tile maps in .Net

Imports System.Drawing
Public Class RenderEngineObj
	Private gfx As Graphics
	Private offScreen As Bitmap
	Private gridLineColor As Color
	Private dimX As Integer
	Private dimY As Integer
	Private gridSize As Size
	Private tiles As Bitmap(,)
	Public Sub New(ByVal graphicObj As Graphics, ByVal columnCount As Integer, ByVal rowCount As Integer, ByVal gridColor As Color)
		gfx = graphicObj
		Me.offScreen = New Bitmap(gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Width, gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Height, gfx)
		dimX = columnCount
		dimY = rowCount
		gridLineColor = gridColor
		gridSize = calculateGridSize()
		ReDim tiles(dimX, dimY)
	End Sub
	Public Sub setTileImg(ByVal gridX As Integer, ByVal gridy As Integer, ByVal img As Bitmap)
		tiles(gridX, gridy) = img
	End Sub
	Private Function calculateGridSize() As Size
		Return New Size((gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Width - 1) / dimX, (gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Height - 1) / dimY)
	End Function
	Public Sub renderImageToGrid(ByVal gridX As Integer, ByVal gridY As Integer, ByVal offsetXPerc As Integer, ByVal offsetYPerc As Integer, ByVal img As Bitmap, ByVal renderNow As Boolean)
		If Not (img Is Nothing) Then
			Dim offGfx As Graphics = System.Drawing.Graphics.FromImage(Me.offScreen)
			img.MakeTransparent(img.GetPixel(0, 0))
			offGfx.DrawImage(img, (gridX * gridSize.Width) + 1, (gridY * gridSize.Height) + 1, gridSize.Width - 1, gridSize.Height - 1)
			If renderNow Then
				Me.gfx.DrawImage(Me.offScreen, 0, 0)
			End If
		End If
	End Sub
	Private Sub renderGridLines()
		Dim offGfx As Graphics = System.Drawing.Graphics.FromImage(Me.offScreen)
		offGfx.DrawRectangle(New Pen(Me.gridLineColor, 1), Me.gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Left, Me.gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Top, Me.gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Right - 1, Me.gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Bottom - 1)
		For x As Integer = 1 To dimX - 1
			offGfx.DrawLine(New Pen(Me.gridLineColor, 1), Me.gridSize.Width * x, 0, Me.gridSize.Width * x, Me.gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Height - 1)
		For y As Integer = 1 To dimY - 1
			offGfx.DrawLine(New Pen(Me.gridLineColor, 1), 0, Me.gridSize.Height * y, Me.gfx.VisibleClipBounds.Width - 1, Me.gridSize.Height * y)
	End Sub
	Private Sub renderTiles()
		For y As Integer = 0 To dimY - 1
			For x As Integer = 0 To dimX - 1
				Me.renderImageToGrid(x, y, 0, 0, Me.tiles(x, y), False)
	End Sub
	Public Sub renderScene()
		If Not (gfx Is Nothing) Then
			Me.gfx.DrawImage(Me.offScreen, 0, 0)
		End If
	End Sub
End Class