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Hexadecimal To Seven Segment Display

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        // Hexadecimal to Seven Segment Display

module SevenSegment(ssOut, nIn);
  output reg [6:0] ssOut;
  input [3:0] nIn;

  // ssOut format {g, f, e, d, c, b, a}

  always @(nIn)
    case (nIn)
      4'h0: ssOut = 7'b0111111;
      4'h1: ssOut = 7'b0000110;
      4'h2: ssOut = 7'b1011011;
      4'h3: ssOut = 7'b1001111;
      4'h4: ssOut = 7'b1100110;
      4'h5: ssOut = 7'b1101101;
      4'h6: ssOut = 7'b1111101;
      4'h7: ssOut = 7'b0000111;
      4'h8: ssOut = 7'b1111111;
      4'h9: ssOut = 7'b1100111;
      4'hA: ssOut = 7'b1110111;
      4'hB: ssOut = 7'b1111100;
      4'hC: ssOut = 7'b0111001;
      4'hD: ssOut = 7'b1011110;
      4'hE: ssOut = 7'b1111001;
      4'hF: ssOut = 7'b1110001;