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Highlight HTML Code

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function highlight_html($string, $decode = TRUE){
    $tag = '#0000ff';
    $att = '#ff0000';
    $val = '#8000ff';
    $com = '#34803a';
    $find = array(
        '~(\s[a-z].*?=)~',                    // Highlight the attributes
        '~(<\!--.*?-->)~s',            // Hightlight comments
        '~("[a-zA-Z0-9\/].*?")~',    // Highlight the values
        '~(<[a-z].*?>)~',                // Highlight the beginning of the opening tag
        '~(</[a-z].*?>)~',            // Highlight the closing tag
        '~(&.*?;)~',                    // Stylize HTML entities
    $replace = array(
        '<span style="color:'.$att.';">$1</span>',
        '<span style="color:'.$com.';">$1</span>',
        '<span style="color:'.$val.';">$1</span>',
        '<span style="color:'.$tag.';">$1</span>',
        '<span style="color:'.$tag.';">$1</span>',
        '<span style="font-style:italic;">$1</span>',
        $string = htmlentities($string);
    return '<pre>'.preg_replace($find, $replace, $string).'</pre>';
<a href="">Review Games</a>
echo highlight_html('
<!-- This is an
HTML comment -->
<a href="home.html" style="color:blue;">Home</a>
<p>Go & here.</p>
<!-- This is an HTML comment -->
<form action="/login.php" method="post">
    <input type="text" value="User Name" />


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