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How To Change A Character In All Documents (4)

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        Lets define a write() method in File class :
class File
 def self.write(name)
   data = yield,"w") { |f| f.write( data ) }

Now code with Dir[exp] ,, File.write() :
Dir[ARGV[0]].each() do |file_name|
 file_content     =
 content_mofified = file_content.gsub(/a/,"@")
 File.write(file_name) { content_mofified }

Ruby -is- Block and meta-programming
without this, it's a python/php/...

Or, more functional :
Dir[ARGV[0]].each() { |file_name|  
  File.write(file_name) {,"@") } 

This is the best form, because it don't use local variable
  ==> provable
  ==> threadable without danger



Snippets Manager replied on Fri, 2010/10/01 - 5:57am

Hello! First, i would like to apologise about my bad english. It is not my native. About your code. Yes, it is a shorter version, but when you learn, you need to understand, what is what, and a lot of people are lost, when they see code like that. I was too, when i was a beginer. So i decideded that every code i will post, will be expanded, that beginners will follow. Profesionals allready have knowledge to build it by their own.