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How To Empty /var

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        If /var is too full:

cd /var
du -sh *

If the log directory is the problem:

rm -f /var/log/*.1
rm -f /var/log/*.2
rm -f /var/log/*.3
rm -f /var/log/*.4

(The /var/log directory contains archived files that always end with a number: exim_mainlog.1. Any file ending with a number can be safely deleted.)

If the problem is with the exim_mainlog being too large, try rotating the logs:

/usr/sbin/logrotate -vf /etc/logrotate.conf

If you get an error about a duplicate log entry:

cd /etc/logrotate.d
rm -rf httpd.rpmorig.log

And try the rotate again.

If the problem is in spool:

cd /var/spool/exim/msglog
rm -rf *