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How To Parse And Evaluate JavaScript In GWT

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        If you have a service that returns JavaScript (e.g. for Google Analytics), the following code should do the trick. You can call it using something like:

    evalScripts(new HTML(response.getText()).getElement())
     * Evaluate scripts in an HTML string. Will eval both <script src=""></script>
     * and <script>javascript here</scripts>.
     * @param element a new HTML(text).getElement()
    public static native void evalScripts(Element element) /*-{
        var scripts = element.getElementsByTagName("script");
        for (i=0; i < scripts.length; i++) {
            // if src, eval it, otherwise eval the body
            if (scripts[i].hasAttribute("src")) {
                var src = scripts[i].getAttribute("src");
                var script = $doc.createElement('script');
                script.setAttribute("src", src);
            } else {