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Javascript Conditionals In RJS

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        // From:
// Something you can’t seem to do in RJS is to do conditional checking with the client side DOM.
// For example, I want to be able to investigate an element to see if it has the CSS display tag set to none. The solution is to blend javascript and RJS together.

//To do this you append the javascript as a string to the page object like this:

 # Javascript check to see if the element is visible
page << "if ($('div_element').style.display == 'none') {" 
  # Wow - this is like being in a PROPER if statement!
  # RJS stuff to make the element visible 
  page.replace_html 'div_element', :partial => 'some_partial' 
  page['div_element'].visual_effect :blind_down 
 # back to javascript 
page << '}'