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Javascript Footnote Creator

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        Finds footnotes and adds them to a list. Just put "footnote" into the class of an element, and it'll automatically pull it out of context, replace it with a reference link, put the footnote into the list with id 'notes', and include a backreference so that your readers don't get lost. Embedded markup and nested footnotes work fine. Everything has CSS classes, so you can style it to your heart's content.

		<script src='prototype.js'>
			/*don't confuse IE; put content in empty script blocks*/
			var Footnote = Class.create({
				initialize: function(element) {
					var notes = this.findNotes();
					var number ='li').length + 1;
					var ref = document.createElement('a');
					ref.className = 'footnote-reference';
					ref.href = '#footnote-' + number; = 'reference-' + number;
					element.parentNode.insertBefore(ref, element);
					var li = document.createElement('li');
					li.className = 'footnote'; = 'footnote-' + number;
					var backref = document.createElement('a');
					backref.className = 'footnote-backreference';
					backref.href = '#reference-' + number;
					li.appendChild(document.createTextNode(" "));
				findNotes: function() {
					return $('notes');
			Event.observe(window, 'load', function() {
				$$('.footnote').each(function(e) {new Footnote(e)});