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Library Mashup

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;; combine APIs and other web available bibliographic data.
;; Use amazon, LibraryThing, and OCLC Worldcat.
;; Get ISBN numbers for a book by searching author and title.
;; Get the list of available ISBNs from different sources.
;; Get "tags" available for a book from LibraryThing for
;; a given book.
;; etc.
;; N.B. A person from posted a comment
;; regarding this program, indicating that the tag cloud data
;; is copyrighted. 
;; Here's the quoted message:
;; Tim's message: "And it's fine here, as a test, and probably in other 
;; contexts where it could be considered "fair use" under copyright. 
;; But--unlike the thingISBN service and some other LibraryThing 
;; APIs--LibraryThing's tag clouds are not free for public use, 
;; outside of the RSS feeds and widgets we provide. 
;; We're not sure how and under what license to 
;; release them when we do."
;; So, I wrote this for fun.  If I were you I wouldn't run it, just read
;; the code.  :-)

(define (search-worldcat title author)
  (setq title (replace " " title "+"))
  (setq author (replace " " author "+"))
  (get-url (append "" title "+au:" author "&qt=advanced")))

(setq oclc-url-1-pattern {<div class="name"><a href=})

(define (oclc-url-1 str)
  (setq loc (find oclc-url-1-pattern str))
  (setq loc (+ loc (length oclc-url-1-pattern)))
  (setq loc (+ 1 loc))
  (setq loc-end (find ">" (loc -1 str)))
  (setq loc-end (- loc-end 1))
  (setq loc-url (loc loc-end str))
  (println (append "" loc-url))
  (get-url (append "" loc-url)))

(setq oclc-isbn-pattern "<strong>ISBN: </strong>")

(define (find-isbn str)
  (setq loc (find oclc-isbn-pattern str))
  (setq loc (+ loc (length oclc-isbn-pattern)))
  (setq loc-end (find "</li>" (loc -1 str)))
  (loc loc-end str))

(define (thing-isbn isbn)
  (xml-type-tags nil nil nil nil)
  (setq isbn-data 
      (xml-parse (get-url  
          (append "" isbn)))))

(define (get-isbn-list isbn-data)
  (setq indexer (ref "isbn" isbn-data))
  (nth-set 2 indexer 2)
  (setq num-isbns (length  (isbn-data 0)))
  (setq isbn-list '())
  (for (idx (first (1 indexer))  (- num-isbns 1))
        (push (isbn-data (first (0 indexer)) idx (first (2 indexer))) isbn-list -1))

(define (add-explorer-path)
   (env "PATH" (append (env "PATH" ) ";c:\\program files\\internet explorer")))

(define (show-amazon-isbn isbn)
   (process (append "iexplore " ""
           isbn )))

(define (get-librarything-isbn isbn)
    (get-url (append "" isbn)))

(define (get-librarything-tagsection str)
    (setq loc (find "Tags used" str ))
    (setq mystr (loc -1 str))
    (setq loc-end (find "</div>" mystr))
     (0 loc-end mystr))

(define (get-librarything-taglist mystr)
    (setq tags-list '())
    (while (setq tag-loc (find "/tag/" mystr))
        (setq tag-loc-end (find "target=" (tag-loc -1 mystr)))
        (push ((+ tag-loc 5) (- tag-loc-end 7) mystr) tags-list -1)
        (setq mystr ((+ tag-loc tag-loc-end ) -1 mystr)))

(define (show-librarything-tag tag)
   (process (append "iexplore " ""
           tag )))