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Makefile For Images In Latex

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        This is a Makefile to build images for use by pdflatex from .gnuplot command files and .py python scripts. It is supposed that the gnuplot/python files produce .eps images when launched

all: sinus.pdf sincos.pdf sine.pdf sine2.pdf sincos2.pdf bode.pdf

.PHONY: all clean

# we want all .gnuplot files to be 'made' into .eps files
# the % replaces any name
# in the rule: 	$< replaces the source
# 				$@ replaces the target
# example: convert $< $@
%.eps: %.gnuplot
	gnuplot < $<

	python $<

%.pdf: %.eps
	epstopdf $<
	rm -f *.eps *.pdf