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Morse Decode Using Sed

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        This is a short <a href="">Morse code</a> decoder written as a shellscript using <a href="">sed</a>.

The Morse coded text should be in $text, and should be written with spaces between the letters.

echo $text\  | tr . 0 | sed -e {s/0----\ /1/g} -e {s/00---\ /2/g} -e {s/000--\ /3/g} -e {s/000-\ /4/g} -e {s/00000\ /5/g} -e {s/-0000\ /6/g} -e {s/--000\ /7/g} -e {s/---00\ /8/g} -e {s/----0\ /9/g} -e {s/-----\ /0/g} \
	| sed -e {s/-0-0\ /c/g} -e {s/-000\ /b/g} -e {s/00-0\ /f/g} -e {s/0000\ /h/g} -e {s/0---\ /j/g} -e {s/0-00\ /l/g} -e {s/0--0\ /p/g} -e {s/--0-\ /q/g} -e {s/000-\ /v/g} -e {s/-00-\ /x/g} -e {s/-0--\ /y/g} -e {s/--00\ /z/g} \
	| sed -e {s/0--\ /w/g} -e {s/-00\ /d/g} -e {s/--0\ /g/g} -e {s/-0-\ /k/g} -e {s/---\ /o/g} -e {s/0-0\ /r/g} -e {s/000\ /s/g} -e {s/00-\ /u/g} \
	| sed -e {s/0-\ /a/g} -e {s/00\ /i/g} -e {s/--\ /m/g} -e {s/-0\ /n/g} \
	| sed -e {s/0\ /e/g} -e {s/-\ /t/g}