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Move Files Using Find And Exec

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find . -name "xyz*" -exec bash -c "mv {} ./xyz-dir/" \;


Snippets Manager replied on Tue, 2008/08/26 - 4:42pm

You might want to preserve the argument to "exec" by quoting the braces '{}', especially if the file name contains any spaces, e.g.: #! /bin/sh # Deletes all mail in users 'Deleted Items' directories that are older than 30 days. find /cygdrive/g/box/ -mindepth 4 -mtime +30 -wholename '*Deleted Items*.MSG' -exec bash -c "mv '{}' /cygdrive/f/OldDeletedItems" -fprint Deleted.log \; Without this I get unexpected results with the directory names containing spaces. Hope this helps someone :)