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Parse An Argument List Containing A Quoted String

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        The following example parses a string containing a quoted string:
s = %q(passed "abc def" etert)
s.gsub!(/\".[^\|\'"]+["']/) {|x| x.gsub(/\s/,'%20')}
a = s.split(/\s/).map {|x| x.gsub(/%20/,' ')}
#=> ["passed", "\"abc def\"", "etert"]

*update: 23-Mar-2010 @ 1:50pm*
Here's how to remove the quotes from the final result:
a = s.split(/\s/).map {|x| x.gsub(/%20/,' ').sub(/\"(.*)\"/,'\1')}
#=> ["passed", "abc def", "etert"]