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Qtranslate + Magic Fields

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        // I usually work using qtranslate, 
you can choose 2 ways: 
1) use multiline text fields in your panel and qtranslate intercept   
them, makin them multilanguage 
2) if you need to you any other field type, create one for each   
language naming it: fieldname-langcode (example: myfield-en) 
then retrieve it with:  get('myfield-'. qtrans_getLanguage()) 

<?php echo get('myfield-'. qtrans_getLanguage()); ?>

//If you don't want empty fields to appear
<?php if ( get('myfield-'. qtrans_getLanguage(),true) ) {
                  echo "<li>"; 
                  echo get_label('myfield-'. qtrans_getLanguage());
                  echo ": ";
                  echo get('myfield-'. qtrans_getLanguage());
                  echo "</li>";
                  } else {
                  echo get('myfield-'. qtrans_getLanguage());


Snippets Manager replied on Sat, 2011/09/03 - 9:45pm

i need it too!