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Quickly Download The PEAR Libraries

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        To get a headstart for your website you can use the PEAR libraries. The following script downloads a couple of the most handy libraries, and also adds some symbolic links to the newly downloaded files.

pear config-create $HOME $HOME/.pearrc
pear config-set php_dir $HOME/pear/lib

pear install -a PEAR

pear channel-update
pear install -a DB Mail
pear install -o Auth Auth_SASL Cache_Lite File
pear install -o HTML_QuickForm HTML_TreeMenu
pear install -o HTTP HTTP_Request
pear install -o Mail_Mime
pear install -o Log Pager
pear install -o Translation2-beta XML_Serializer-beta

ln -s ~/pear/pear ~/bin/pear
ln -s ~/pear/peardev ~/bin/peardev
ln -s ~/pear/pecl ~/bin/pecl