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Rails-commit: Rails Commit Script For Subversion

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        #!/usr/bin/env ruby

# my take on a easy commit script for rails...
# it is far from prefect, so:
# please feed back the modifications you made to it!
# Fixed bugs on empty to_ arrays and spelling mistakes
# by Vesa-Pekka Palmu
# orginal by Cies Breijs -- cies.breijsATgmailDOTcom
# based on a bash script by Anonymous Gentleman
# found here: <a href=""></a>
# cleaned up an pasted by Ed Laczynski 

to_add = []
to_remove = []
to_checkin = []

`svn status`.each_line do |l|
  puts l
  action_char, path = l.split(' ', 2)
  case action_char
    when '?'
      to_add << path
    when '!'
      to_remove << path
    when 'M'
      to_checkin << path

puts "\nyou are about to" 

def print_list(array, str)
  puts "\n#{str}:"
  array.each { |i| puts "\t"+i }
  puts "\t<nothing>" if array.length == 0

print_list(to_add, 'add')
print_list(to_remove, 'remove')
print_list(to_checkin, 'checkin')

puts "\nplease write something for the commit log and hit enter"
puts "(hitting enter on an empty line will cancel this commit)\n\n" 

log = gets.strip

if log.empty?
  puts "commit cancelled!\n"

puts "\ncontacting repository\n" 

`svn add #{to_add.join(' ')}` unless to_add.empty?
`svn remove #{to_remove.join(' ')}` unless to_remove.empty?
puts "\n" + `svn commit -m "#{log.gsub('"', '"')}"` + "\n" 

puts "running \'svn update\' to be sure we are up-to-date"
puts `svn update`

puts "\nfinished.\n"


jeff judge replied on Wed, 2007/02/07 - 11:40pm

this also works: $ svn commit :)