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Rake Task For BDD Docs

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We find that the pattern ‘test_should_***_on_***’ a useful way of naming tests – it’s an idea stolen from JBehave . If this test were to fail, I’m reminded that I should (!) ask myself the question ‘should the class I’m testing do this?’ before I go on a bug-hunt. The other advantage is that I can use my test classes to generate some simple documentation for my classes. Here’s a rake target that can do just that:

desc "Generate agiledox-like documentation for tests"
task :agiledox do
  tests = FileList['test/**/*_test.rb']
  tests.each do |file|
    m = %r".*/([^/].*)_test.rb".match(file)
    puts m[1]+" should:\n"
    test_definitions = File::readlines(file).select {|line| line =~ /.*def test.*/}
    test_definitions.each do |definition|
      m = %r"test_(should_)?(.*)".match(definition)
      puts " - "+m[2].gsub(/_/," ")
  puts "\n"
An example from our codebase, typing rake agiledox generates:

security_controller should:
 - redirect to page stored in session on successful login
 - store user object in session on successful login
 - redirect to page stored in session after signup
 - store user object in session after signup
 - reject signup when passwords do not match
 - reject signup when login too short
 - report both errors if passwords dont match and username too short
 - not store user in session if password not correct on signup
 - remain on login page if password not correct on signup
 - remove user from session on log out    


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