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Random Flickr Photo

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        // description of your code here


    // Displays a single random photo from recent flickr photos with a given tag.
    // Original code stolen from many sources including and


    // MagpieRSS Configuration
    // This is an example based on my system;
    // you will need to customize it for your system
    // and your preferences. You can remove it entirely
    // if you have done it elsewhere
    // refer to
    define(MAGPIE_CACHE_ON, true);
    define(MAGPIE_CACHE_DIR, '/var/www/bradford/magpie_cache');
    define(MAGPIE_CACHE_AGE, 300);
    define(MAGPIE_CACHE_FRESH_ONLY, false);
    define(MAGPIE_DETECT_ENCODING, true);
    define(MAGPIE_DEBUG, 0);
    define(MAGPIE_FETCH_TIME_OUT, 15);
    define(MAGPIE_USE_GZIP, true);    

    // flickr configuration
    // How many photos you want to display
    $num_photos = 2; // for some reason it doesn't like 1
    $tag = 'Bradford';
    // URL for the flickr feed you want to use
    $flickr_feed_url =''.$tag.'&format=rss_200';

    // Fetch the feed
    $flickr = fetch_rss( $flickr_feed_url );
    if ($flickr) {
        $flickr_title = $flickr->channel["title"];
        $flickr_link = $flickr->channel["link"];

<!-- Display the title and link to the feed -->

    // Pick some random photos
        $random_photos = array_rand($flickr->items,$num_photos);
        foreach ( $random_photos as $random_photo ) {
            $description = explode("\n\n",$flickr->items[$random_photo]["description"]);

    <!-- Display the given photo -->

	<?php echo ereg_replace('<img src=(.*) width=(.*)>', '<img src=\\1 width="150px"/>', $description[1]);
	  die();?> // ok we've got our first photo - lets exit

      } else {

<!-- Display an error message if things didn't work -->
<p>An error occurred in the MagpieRSS parser:</p>

<p><?php echo magpie_error(); ?></p>