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Reading A Webpage In Java

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        A trivial piece of example code demonstrating how to get a BufferedReader from a Url as a String and do something with it. This code simply prints the contents of the website at the first argument to stdout. 


public class WebsiteReader
	public static BufferedReader read(String url) throws Exception{
		return new BufferedReader(
			new InputStreamReader(
				new URL(url).openStream()));}

	public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception{
		BufferedReader reader = read(args[0]);
		String line = reader.readLine();

		while (line != null) {
			line = reader.readLine(); }}


Carla Brian replied on Mon, 2012/07/16 - 5:03pm

I want to learn more on this one. I need more tutorials on how to create webpage using java. I think I am more familiar with PhP. I wonder which of these two is effective. - Mercy Ministries