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Regular Expression To Match An HTML Comment

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This snippet uses the non-greedy matcher, and the "m" option to treat strings as multi-lines, so it may not work with all regex parsers.


Examples in Ruby IRB:
irb(main):029:0> html = <<-EOL
irb(main):030:0" <!--  First  Comment   --
irb(main):031:0"       --> Second Comment <!--
irb(main):032:0"       --  Third  Comment   -->
irb(main):033:0" EOL
=> "<!--  First  Comment   --\n      --> Second Comment <!--\n      --  Third  Comment   -->\n"
irb(main):075:0> m = html.match(/\<!\s*--(.*?)(--\s*\>)/m)
=> #<MatchData:0x15915a4>
irb(main):076:0> m[0]
=> "<!--  First  Comment   --\n      -->"
irb(main):077:0> m[1]
=> "  First  Comment   --\n      "