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Scala Extensions For Emacs

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(require 'scala-mode)
(require 'compile)
(require 'flymake)
(require 'font-lock)

(defvar scala-build-commad nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'scala-build-command)

(add-hook 'scala-mode-hook
          (lambda ()

(defun flymake-scala-init ()
  (let* ((text-of-first-line (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (min 20 (point-max)))))
      (remove-hook 'after-save-hook 'flymake-after-save-hook t)
      (add-hook 'after-save-hook 'flymake-after-save-hook nil t)
      (if (string-match "^//script" text-of-first-line)
	  (list "fsc" (list "-Xscript" "MainScript" "-d" "c:/tmp" buffer-file-name))
	(or scala-build-command (list "fsc" (list "-d" "c:/tmp" buffer-file-name))))

(push '(".+\\.scala$" flymake-scala-init) flymake-allowed-file-name-masks)
(push '("^\\(.*\\):\\([0-9]+\\): error: \\(.*\\)$" 1 2 nil 3) flymake-err-line-patterns)

(set (make-local-variable 'indent-line-function) 'scala-indent-line)

(defun scala-indent-line ()
  "Indent current line of Scala code."
  (indent-line-to (max 0 (scala-calculate-indentation))))

(defun scala-calculate-indentation ()
  "Return the column to which the current line should be indented."
    (let ((pos (point)))
      (if (not (search-backward-regexp "[^\n\t\r ]" 1 0))
	  (+ (current-indentation) (* 2 (scala-count-scope-depth (point) pos))))))))

(defun scala-maybe-skip-leading-close-delim ()
  (forward-to-indentation 0)
  (if (looking-at "\\s)")

(defun scala-face-at-point (pos)
  "Return face descriptor for char at point."
  (plist-get (text-properties-at pos) 'face))

(defun scala-count-scope-depth (rstart rend)
  "Return difference between open and close scope delimeters."
    (goto-char rstart)
    (let ((open-count 0)
	  (close-count 0)
      (while (and (< (point) rend)
		  (progn (setq opoint (point))
			 (re-search-forward "\\s)\\|\\s(" rend t)))
	(if (= opoint (point))
	    (forward-char 1)

            ;; Use font-lock-mode to ignore strings and comments
	   ((scala-face-at-point (- (point) 1))) 

	   ((looking-back "\\s)")
	    (incf close-count))
	   ((looking-back "\\s(")
	    (incf open-count))
      (- open-count close-count))))

(provide 'scala-extensions)