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SQL Quotation For Symbian DBMS

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import e32db, time

timestamp = time.time()
distance = 10.5
comment = "I'm fine, thanks!"

# for date/time, int/float, and string respectively

sql = "INSERT INTO events VALUES (#%s#, %d, '%s')" %\
   comment.replace("'", "''") )
- date/time need to be quoted with # and formatted with e32db.format_time
- int/float need no quotation
- string need to be quoted with single quote and repeat the quote if it happen to be inside.
- binary can't be used. You may need to encode it (eg. base64)

One day, I wish to see an easy-to-use SQL abstraction layer for pys60.
An ORM(SQLObject or SQLAlchemy) is even better.    


Snippets Manager replied on Tue, 2007/11/20 - 3:43pm

float needs %e instead of %d