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Test If MySQL Table Exists With PHP.

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        Tests if table exists in MySQL database  

function table_exists ($table, $db) { 
	$tables = mysql_list_tables ($db); 
	while (list ($temp) = mysql_fetch_array ($tables)) {
		if ($temp == $table) {
			return TRUE;
	return FALSE;

/** How to use it **/
if (table_exists(test_table, my_database)) {
	echo"Yes the table is there.";



And a shorter way. In the above example mysql_list_tables is deprecated in favor of mysql_query().

// here is a much more elegant method to check if a table exists ( no error generate)

if( mysql_num_rows( mysql_query("SHOW TABLES LIKE '".$table."'")))



Snippets Manager replied on Fri, 2008/11/07 - 12:48pm

These are some great ideas here. Only one thing don't have and db closes anywhere. I don't know if this was left out intentionally or not, but opening a db connection and not closing it is a very bad programming practice. The first shown function should have included a mysql_close($db); both before the return true; and return false; statments. This insures that the db is closed before continuing

Snippets Manager replied on Sat, 2008/07/19 - 6:15pm

--Here is a mysql function to use DELIMITER | CREATE FUNCTION `does_table_exist` ( `s_database_name` nvarchar(255), `s_table_name` nvarchar(255) ) RETURNS tinyint(1) DETERMINISTIC BEGIN IF EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM Information_schema.tables WHERE table_name = s_table_name AND table_schema = s_database_name ) THEN return true; else return false; end if; END| DELIMITER ; --------------------------------------------------- DELIMITER | CREATE PROCEDURE `zz_test_table_detect` () DETERMINISTIC BEGIN DECLARE is_it_there BOOLEAN; DECLARE function_succeeded BOOLEAN; SET is_it_there = does_table_exist ( 'religion', 'choice' ); IF is_it_there = true then SET is_it_there = does_table_exist ( 'religion', 'choices' ); if is_it_there = false then SET function_succeeded = true; ELSE SET function_succeeded = false; END IF; ELSE SET function_succeeded = false; END IF; select function_succeeded as function_succeeded ; END| DELIMITER ; --------------------------------------------------- CALL zz_test_table_detect();