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Trac Wiki To GitHub Wiki

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        A rough start of a script to help convert the wiki syntax of Trac pages to GitHub-friendly syntax.

Some TLC is still needed on each output page, but better than doing it all by hand.

Project lives here: <a href=""></a>

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
TRAC_DB_PATH = 'trac.db'
OUT_PATH = 'wiki'
GITHUB_WIKI_URL = '/seven1m/onebody/wikis/'
require 'sqlite3'
db =
pages = db.execute('select name, text from wiki w2 where version = (select max(version) from wiki where name =;')
pages.each do |title, body|, title.gsub(/\s/, '')), 'w') do |file|
    body.gsub!(/\{\{\{([^\n]+?)\}\}\}/, '
\1</' + 'code>')
    body.gsub!(/\{\{\{(.+?)\}\}\}/m, '<pre>
\1</' + 'code></pre>')
    body.gsub!(/====\s(.+?)\s====/, 'h4. \1')
    body.gsub!(/===\s(.+?)\s===/, 'h3. \1')
    body.gsub!(/==\s(.+?)\s==/, 'h2. \1')
    body.gsub!(/=\s(.+?)\s=[\s\n]*/, '')
    body.gsub!(/\[(http[^\s\[\]]+)\s([^\[\]]+)\]/, '"\2":\1')
    body.gsub!(/\[([^\s]+)\s(.+)\]/, '"\2":' + GITHUB_WIKI_URL + '\1')
    body.gsub!(/([^"\/\!])(([A-Z][a-z0-9]+){2,})/, '\1[[\2]]')
    body.gsub!(/\!(([A-Z][a-z0-9]+){2,})/, '\1')
    body.gsub!(/'''(.+)'''/, '*\1*')
    body.gsub!(/''(.+)''/, '_\1_')
    body.gsub!(/^\s\*/, '*')
    body.gsub!(/^\s\d\./, '#')